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    PHOTO bucket

    After receiving a less than pleasing email today from photobucket calling me a "naughty boy" for posting pics to a forum over a year ago, I will throw this into the ring. I was a subscriber to RCScalebuilder in the US for a number of years and it worked extremely well. To actively participate...
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    Can I still post pics via Photobucket

    Hi all, I received this email today from Photobucket. WE NOTICED THAT YOU HAVE BEEN USING PHOTOBUCKET FOR 3RD PARTY HOSTING* PLEASE UPGRADE TO A PLUS 500 PLAN. Our Terms of Service does not allow 3rd party hosting with your current account level. UPGRADE NOW It seems to me I am being...
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Tractorjim, I would be very interested in seeing the photographs thanks Ned
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Thanks John, I have since seen some plans published in Australian Model Engineer magazine, but as I am now building a NSWGR C32 class locomotive from the Winter plans, I will just tap some steam from that to see the mill engine run on steam. Admittedly that will be quite some time away, now...
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    A small boiler

    Hear, hear. There is nothing more frustrating, than to find what was obviously a very informative build, open it up and find all the photographs are not there!!!!!!!
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    6" Copper HRT Boiler Build (warning, long build and lots of pictures)

    I watched your thread start and have followed it with interest. As I am about to embark on a boiler build to run a 1.5" bore mill engine, just wondered if you have made any more progress with your boiler. Cheers, Ned
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    8" Steel Scotch Boiler

    Hi Bob, I am following with great interest. Just wondering if you intend on getting the boiler certificated. One more thing, I am also in the market for a 3 in1, but there are so many out there, it is a minefield - you sound happy with yours. Would you mind letting us know which one you...
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Tony, Many thanks for replying, and the link to your boiler build pics. They are very well done and provide some valuable insight into building a boiler. Did you ever get the PDF done?? Cheers, Ned
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Thanks Aonemarine, Probably a bit too big for me - they look good though Cheers, Ned
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Marty, I have only recently downloaded the two Harris books (after I started this thread) and am still reading. Some great stuff there. I have ordered a set of plans for a 5" vertical boiler which I may be able to adapt to my requirements. I'm thinking that maybe a 6" diameter boiler about...
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    Photographs missing from older topics

    i have found a few topics of interest and thought I had found what i was looking for, but when I get to the thread, i find that all the posts are there, BUT ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE REPLACED BY A BOX SAYING THE PICS HAD BEEN REMOVED. Very frustrating. Is there a reason for this????
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    O. B. Bolton Mill Engine

    Thanks to those who have made encouraging comments. Here it is running on 10 PSI compressed air. I am still having difficulty in locating plans for a suitable boiler to run this engine on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMYLlfHXN_0
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    O. B. Bolton Mill Engine

    Hello all, I have just completed this horizontal mill engine, beginning with unmachined castings. It is presently only running on air, as I continue to search for plans for a suitable boiler for this size engine. 1 1/2" bore. Will post a video soon. A few photographs here
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    Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

    Hello all I have just built a Bolton No:7 mill engine - 1 1/2" bore and I am finding it extremely difficult to find plans for a boiler to run this engine. By that, I mean plans for a boiler I might be able build myself, but most of my research leads me to ready made boilers for rather...