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    1/8 Rider-Ericsson casting info needed

    Picked up a set of castings for the 1/8 Ericsson made by Meyers. I have no plans for building the engine and was wondering what was the stroke of this one. I’ve made several hot air engine models in the past and with the stroke, I should be able to complete it. Any help appreciated.
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    Hard spots in Stuart 10v cylinder support

    Update: I contacted Andy at Stuart and he graciously sent me a new standard casting to replace the one with all the hard spots. This one was much better and I was able successfully bore the ways and finish it up today.
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    Vertical side shaft engine

    The patent Dave found has a lot of similarities. The rotating electrode in the cylinder and it being driven at half speed makes me think it is pre-1900 also. The three holes in the flywheel spokes may have been for a drive pulley. The crank handle is an afterthought. NICE early piece of iron and...
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    Hard spots in Stuart 10v cylinder support

    Thanks gents for the replies. I did a search and someone on on of the live steamer boards suggested putting the casting in manganese dioxide powder in a sealed container and heating to red heat and slow cooling. I’ll try the heating the part sans powder first and if that doesn’t work try the...
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    Hard spots in Stuart 10v cylinder support

    Working on a 10V as a filler project. Problem is I’ve encountered several hard spots in the arch casting making accurate machining of the guide ways and cylinder flange difficult. Is there any thing I can do in the way of heat treating the casting to help soften then up?
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    Which metal for nuts and bolts?

    Not at all Bob. A good friend got me making all my fasteners out of 303 hex to replicate the old style high crown hardware. It machines and taps easily while still looking great years out. Is it a PITA?...yes, but you’ll only make them once. Of course you could always source commercial SS, but...
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    D valve wear and choice of metals

    I’m working on a small plunger pump for a model I’m building which has a spring loaded D valve to shuttle fuel from the plunger to the delivery port. For scale, the d valve is a 0.25” cube. The body is made from zinc-based yellow brass and I’m looking for opinions on what to make the d valve...
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    Belts for Mini Belt Sander

    Got mine off Flea Bay. 1/2 x 21” going for $20 for 25 Of them. Though cheesy, I find it great for sanding castings like flywheel spokes. They do last a decent amount of time.
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    Breisch little brother air cooled

    Raised the fuel tank a bit and it certainly helped it running for longer periods. Tank is set up so when fuel is at 2/3 capacity the level is even with the adjustment screw on the mixer. Funny thing...when I let my friend know I got it running he said he had the water-cooiled cooled version also...
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    Breisch little brother air cooled

    Update: made a new piston with a half a mil clearance and the three grooves like the print and got it running straight away. Problem now is a bit of erratic running with low fuel in the tank so plan is to raise the fuel tank a bit and have a look at the check valve seating.
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    Breisch little brother air cooled

    I ran a Sunnen precision hone through the bore since it was tapered and egg-shaped and was able to true it up nicely. Plan is to re-make the piston per the print with revised diameter to assure fit and no rings.
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    Breisch little brother air cooled

    Don’t know how much I can tell you as I do not have the plans, just the completed engine. But it appears fairly straightforward. Lots of tiny parts though...but ask away.
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    Breisch little brother air cooled

    Working on freshening up a Breisch little brother air cooled for a friend who purchased it and here is what I found when I took the piston out. Since then I bought 3/4” rings and plan to remake the piston. The owner has the prints and says they do not have rings shown on the piston...weird...
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    cnc engraving recomendations

    I use those 1/8” , 60 degree carbide engraving bits off fleabay. Depth of cut is about 5 thou. The bits are simply a point with half ground away. I run at max 24000 rpm speed, exact stop and about 30 IPM. Here is the result for an engine model I built... I might add that having a work surface...
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    First time designing sterling engine Looking for advice

    Having restored the full sized Ericsson sterling and built a Denny model, you may want to try using a buna or better viton cup seal on the bottom of the power piston to compensate for a larger (sloppier) piston fit . On the larger Ericsson, it uses a leather cup seal which inflates during the...