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    New shop finished

    Answering questions, sorry for delay. I spend more time in my shop than online these days. Yes, the wood stove is a Dickenson Newport marine fireplace that I once used on a sailboat. Dry heat works well with machinery. The upstairs is where my 3d printer and vinyl cutter live. It's also my...
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    Added DRO and power feed to 8x30 mill

    Davo J, I didn't actually lose any Y travel, there was enough space remaining at the end of travel to fit the T track behind the table. I saw how you did yours, very clever! Thanks for your input.
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    Added DRO and power feed to 8x30 mill

    I just finished adding a 3 axis DRO and an X axis power feed to my 42 year old Jet 8x30 milling machine (Made in Taiwan). I really should have done this years ago! I mounted the X axis scale on the front using the T slot, then added an alloy T track to the backside of the table for the limit...
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    Bought a new machine yesterday---

    Can this be used as a poor-man's die filer to clean up castings?
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    New shop finished

    Here is a video slideshow of the building of my new shop during the last year. It is compact, but just fine for the construction of miniature engines!
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    Oilfield Pumpjack scratch build complete!

    Here is a video of the finished project mounting on wood, powered by a Kerzel hit & miss engine.
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    compression adjustment

    I have a 4-stroke model diesel engine that adjusts the compression by lowering/raising the crankshaft! The crank is mounted off-center in a round piece that can be rotated by means of a lever.
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    Selecting a larger radius insert

    I would like to buy carbide turning inserts with a larger radius. This particular holder fits a TCMT 21.50 insert. What nomenclature would designate a cutter with more rounded tips? I normally just order more of whatever size inserts came with a tool holder.
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    My 1/2 scale Hoglet

    Awesome! I can't wait to hear this one. A friend built a "full size" Hoglet. I love the music it makes.
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    Worlds "cutest" micrometer?

    Mechanicboy , Thank you! You solved the mystery for me of why the anvils are so large.
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    Worlds "cutest" micrometer?

    This is a half inch micrometer marked "Hale" and "made in USA". It has large, flat anvils. It's made of steel and is nickle plated. It once belonged to my machining mentor. I bought his machine tools from his estate after he passed on.
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    Bob tail caliper

    I have a 4" digital caliper that I end up using lots more than my 6" one.
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    Oilfield Pumpjack scratch build complete!

    Merry Christmas, y'all!
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    Yet another self-made hand tapper

    Having seen the success other have had using a Briggs & Stratton connecting rod to make a hand tapping machine, I did the same. The small end of the rod reams to a nice 1/2" size. The cast iron base had been lying around for years, and most of the the other materials were already on hand. The...
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    Oilfield Pumpjack scratch build complete!

    itowbig, yes, I have indeed been to Coalinga, CA to visit the "Iron Zoo". I recall that parts of the oil field had very noxious fumes! Here is a link to some interesting info about the Iron Zoo :