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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    Hi All ! An update with few mistakes I make some washers for the cylinders, they are made from mosquito spray bottles and soda cans And :
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    Model Diesel: 32mm bore, 38mm stroke, indirect injection

    Test your injector with compressed air, if it is sealed with compressed air it will be more sealed with oil. Notice every small change as you improve and perfect it. Keep going and you will reach your goal
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    How to get a mirror finish on aluminum

    Hi Grasshopper ! I only polish aluminum once or twice and very little If it still can have lines and grooves - try polishing in the direction you sanded and at a slower speed, then at a higher speed to finish.
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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    Hi All ! An update I've done the fuel pump cylinder but haven't lap yet With some testing, I found a pump cylinder length of about 8 to 10 mm to be fine - because the plunger stroke is very small - about 1 mm, but I wanted the best I could so I made it almost 2 times longer. The engine...
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    Wonderful ! I have watched a lot of videos about steam locomotives on youtube, steam locomotive is a goal that I haven't achieved yet.
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    18 Cylinders Isotta Fraschini (straight six-cylinder x3 )

    In my opinion, if 3 cylinders are all on a circle and the connecting rods of the left and right cylinders are also on a circle with the center of the connecting rod in the middle, the length of the connecting rod and the compression ratio is same
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    Hello . Welcome to the forum ! Can you take some pictures? - Steam locomotives especially - I love steam locomotives
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    Hello . Welcome to the forum !
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    Uploading Photos

    That's a pretty good question When I post photos here, I usually try to limit posting - but it's hard to know what is enough !? ( It's a bit different when I post on facebook groups, I usually post all the pictures I can take) If post too much pics , it will consume the forum's data...
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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    I'm a bit late to reply, sorry. No, it's not necessary I sharpened it to the angle of the needle and sharpened it with a file - making a place for the abrasive to stay - it's made of steel I tried with aluminum, but it's too hard to do and it wears out too fast
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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    Hi all ! An update : I just did a preliminary lapping for the nozzles, when I make the injectors I will lapping the needle with nozzles lapping tool :
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    Stirling engine efficiency.

    A suggestion
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    Stirling engine efficiency.

    Hi ! Why does the engine have radiator fins in the picture but not in the video The radiator fin is a very important part because it determines the temperature difference between the hot and cold areas.
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    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    Hi all ! An update : There are a few places I really hate even though it's a bit hard to see, so I decided to "sculpt" to make it more beautiful. I made a very sharp chisel and made it beautiful by hand
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    Stepper motor Alternator

    Simple graph showing the relation of frequency, voltage, power Same voltage but different frequency