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    Mini-Lathe; T-slotted cross-slide...?

    Hi guys Ive just noticed your recent post and feel you might like to have a look at my effort at a "mezzanine" fitted to my Real Bull 7x10, it works a treat for parting off,and mounting DTI's etc. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/f15/new-addition-w-s-8432/ Regards Terry T
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    Dependant On Technology

    Guys I just had to reply to this one following a conversation which took place on similar lines to this thread that I had only yesterday. It took place with four of my very good friends (20- 40 year olds) who run our local computer shop. They all are in their own ways specialists within the...
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    midlands ME show

    Hi Guys look forward to seeing you on monday Regards Minerva
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    screw cutting

    Thanks once again guy, advice much appreciated. should get the reqd. change wheels today and I'll let you know how I get on. Tin, the link looks interesting. I will look further when I have some spare time! Kindest regards Terry
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    screw cutting

    Well what service :bow: posted the problem at eleven last night, went to bed and on waking all is revealed!!! Kvom, I must say I considered this option but decided that I would attempt to do it from a blank as the very nature of even the most basic OT operations requires fairly accurate...
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    screw cutting

    Hi guys, I've had my metric Mini Lathe for almost 5 years now and having made the decision from the out-set to "go metric" single point screw cutting has presented few problems until now that is! I am currently fabricating an Ornamental turning Engine (lathe) and I need to attach my...
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    My shop in the attic

    Hi ( and welcome ticino,) I can identify with the small workshop as mine also qualifies. My mill is almost identical in size ,the lathe is what caught my attention. What size and make is it? I ask as I would like to upgrade my mini-lathe to something a little larger however here in the UK there...
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    upcoming US visit

    Hi all, what a response :bow: Many thanks Steve the calendar will certainly provide food for thought once I get my head around the State abbreviations . I think some browsing is in order! Sadly Tin the one week-end that is taken up by the graduation celebrations is the 13th.to 15th of May so I...
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    upcoming US visit

    Hi guys. I have just finalized our next extended trip to the US! The wife and I are coming over the pond on the 26th. of April for a 9 week visit, primarily to be present at the graduation of my youngest Grand-daughter, as would you believe it - an ENGINEER . If I were to state how proud we are...
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    Safety glasses

    Hi Dave, I've recently gone down this road as a requirement for my college course and it was a real eye-opener. Safety glasses are a mandatory requirement for entry into the workshop area (even for the administration staff) I tried the over-glasses they provide but at no time did I feel...
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    New member from Ohio

    Nice to have you on board. I'm sure the members here will call on all that experience before very long Regards Minerva aka TerryT
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    We're back!!

    Sincere thanks Kevin what a relief this morning when that familiar screen came up!!!!! got me thinking , what is the best thing to do in similar circumstances to verify whether the site or ones own machine is at fault? given that one doesn't have access to members e-mail addresses on this...
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    Merry Christmas

    Hi guys a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year . Seasons greetings and God Bless you all no matter where you may be from TerryT
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    Thanks John Kendo beat me to it! really useful info, duly laminated and hung in the shop!! many thanks for the effort Regards TerryT
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    December Project of the Month

    Super job Arnold :bow: this engine looks a real challenge! very well done Regards TerryT