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    270 Offy

    Hi all, I was just remembering a dear friend....Ron him and his offy. Regards MikeG
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    Zip Wall for Shop Heat Containment?

    I've been using one for several years and it works great keeping the heat in the shop and not heating up the rest of the garage. MikeG Colorado Springs, Colorado
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    Hi all and Merry Christmas. I have found by using the" lathe center finder level" made by "Echo Technolgies" and adjusting my cutoff tool either HSS or carbide insert at level with the center line of the lathe axis and using copious amounts of lube I have no problems. Maybe I"m just lucky. I...
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    Gear cutting..........confused

    Marcus Thank you for your answer, which is exactly how I finally figured it out. Just came in from the shop after making a beautiful brass 44 tooth gear!! MikeG
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    Gear cutting..........confused

    Hi all I,m in the process of making the Topsy Turvy H&M engine. I'm trying to figure out how to cut the 44 tooth spur gear on my dividing head (40 to 1 ratio). I've figured out how to cut the 22 tooth (1 turn and 27 holes on the 33 hole plate). The 44 tooth set up I've come up with is .9 turns...
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    New Engine

    The buzzbox joinery is beautiful and the way you've set up the timing light and ignition switch is also very neat.
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    Help on model engine tooling

    Daniel You can purchase the Panther Pup book with drawings and narrative from LMS. I suggest you do that first. I've built two "Pups" one air cooled (original) and one water cooled both with modifications. I strongly suggest you purchase a vert mill. As hopper said the travel in the lathe...
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    Panther Pup Help - Won't Run!

    John Congratulations! Sounds like a real runner. Mike
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    Panther Pup Help - Won't Run!

    #3600 sold by Conley Precision Engines (Google it) Mike
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    Panther Pup Help - Won't Run!

    Don't give up, I know it's frustrating when you can't get it started. I've built two Pup's one air cooled and one water cooled. At the end of the building process the starting was frustrating and each time it was carburation. I use one Perry carb on the air cooled and two on the water cooled...
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    Band Saw - Harbor Freight or Grizzly?

    Hi all. I've been using the green HF saw for at least 8 years. I agree about the stand, I had a creeper that I mounted the saw stand an all on. The creeper is a perfect cutoff, scrap holder! My fix for the blade popping off or not cutting straight is tightening the blade tension knob, when...
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    Flame-Licker Engine Construction Materials

    I've made two different flame-lickers. The one that runs to best, the one I take to shows, uses a Aluminum cyl and a graphite piston. You will find that condensation will form on the cyl (not alot) that's a good reason not to use anything that can rust. My other engine, a twin cyl, uses cast...