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    Z-axis motor

    I never plan to go full CNC but power Z is something I plan on. Either a PWM controller with a worm drive or a stepper via an Arduino to allow for some fancy stuff like 0.1mm jog, fast and slow traverse with feed rates for boring etc. With the aim of keeping things compact and low power I have...
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    Husky toolbox as lathe stand

    Bazmak, it looks like the heavy end is right out off the edge? The lathe looks good. I have just cast a 60mm thick concrete top weighing 70kg (150lb) for a 36" cabinet using 12mm rebar. It's outside curing now :) I am planning to put a 22" lathe on it.
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    Seig micro mill gear crash

    A big thanks to syrtismajor for his Crap-o-cad drawing. I found the same problem with my SX1. The gears don't mesh. It seemed so ridiculously bad in terms of design I was wondering if the problem could be something else. But no, they are misaligned by a wide margin for other people too. My...
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