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    Hello from New Brunswick, Canada

    Hello from Quebec !
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    New to the forums

    Hi John, welcome !
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    0-25 mm micrometer

    Hi Folks, Any of you guys and galls havever heard of a Martin Germany micrometer.I just bought that micrometer at a yard sale for the price of $7.00 ( no loose on scew thread and I will check if it repeat ) If you have any hint and or information it will be appreciated.
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    Maudslay Model oscillating steam engine

    Nice engine I like it !
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    Shop upgrade

    Nice shop and well organised !
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    Hello from Quebec

    Hi Claude salut et bienvenue !
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome Glen !
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    new from France

    Bienvenue et salutation!
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    Getting forum update emails daily

    Weekly would be better. Thank you !
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    pictures of My expense account (shop)

    A lil Hello from Québec, you have a very nice shop Luc !
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    V twin Hoglet

    Bonjour, superbe votre Hoglet v twin. Félicitations !!! Ou puis trouver ces plans ?
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    Got my first lathe

    Check on the net ( jeweller rouge and polishing compound )you will find a lots of info