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    So I bent all the tube for my Snow Engine by filling the tubs with lead worked great, you need to make a set of bending dies once the...
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    mfrick replied to the thread Intro.
    Welcome to the form, it is great having a person with the gear manufacturing expertise to pick there brain when having problems with...
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    mfrick replied to the thread Thankful.
    I agree 100% if I didn't have my wood shop an metal shop I would go crazy, it is still too cool out to work in the yard and garden so...
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    mfrick replied to the thread AJ Reeves Steam Hammer.
    So I have finished my Burnell Steam Trip Hammer see attached photo's. The Hammer works great and you definitely don't want to get your...
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    mfrick replied to the thread Fusion 360 replacement.
    So I have tried Onshape and then you need a program that will post the file to G code so now you have two programs to do a single job...