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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    That list got me curious as to what it all would cost. Had a bit of a look on eBay for the cheapest prices I could find just for an idea. All prices are in AUD and include free postage. Pin chuck with small keyless 3 jaw is about $3-4 Stainless steel ruler/scale $1 Looks like you could...
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    Hi G, You are allowed to disagree and it was not taken as an insult. More a misunderstanding on my part really. When I think of a FULLY functional machine shop, I imagine cnc milling machines, plasma cutting tables, tig welders etc.. (Which probably would take 6.8 lifetimes for me to make :)) I...
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    Hi G, Wanting to make a fully functional machine shop would indicate that you wish to make something in that shop.. If you let people know what it is you wish to make people will be better able to guide you as to what tools for should be looking at first. Metalwork like woodwork mainly...
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    Metric Plans for Webster or similar engine

    Quite the contrary! How many 6.35mm, 7.938mm and 12.7mm reamers do you own? I don't have any and think they would be hard to find! However I do have 1/4" 5/16" and 1/2" reamers ;) Acquiring the required metric drill sizes will also be a pita.. I feel you could be making it harder on...
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    Mini Lathe QCTP+4 holders + 5pc index carbide and 9pc boring bar set

    Hi, Here for the mini lathe is what I think is a fair package deal for $72.95AU delivery included. QCTP and 4 holders, 5 piece carbide insert cutter set and a 9 piece welded carbide boring bar set. Possibly a great deal for anyone who has just bought a mini lathe with stock lantern style and...
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    Bazmak - A chinese mini linisher

    Maybe consider one of these step up transformers. I had to get a step down to power a drill doctor and a Dremel out of the US. Handy if you need to run any other 240v tools you may have or acquire...
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    Bazmak - A chinese mini linisher

    First time I heard the word linisher was over 25ys ago in a lawn mower repair shop, when I questioned the owner what it was for, was told it was for primarily for sharpening blades.
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    Bazmak - A chinese mini linisher

    Curiosity made me google Now in Australia the pillar drill is called a pedestal drill (base sits on the floor) and the shorter one that sits on a bench is suitably called a bench drill. Both generally called a drill press.. Now what happened to pillar? Does anyone in Australia younger than 50...
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    Bazmak - A chinese mini linisher

    That just means the seller has not included the word "linisher" in the listings main headline description. If an item your looking for is known by to or more different names, try searching each one in turn and often you will get a different number of search results. Above in the link I provided...
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    Bazmak - A chinese mini linisher

    Here you go Jim, even cheaper at $113...
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    Get a kit as a first project?

    Hi Ron, When I first started I bought some tools and stuff from LMS. I wanted to make up the flat rate parcel weight so I bought the bar stock wobbler kit. This was my first project as a beginner and one I would also recommend. Some people have started to include castings into this "kit"...
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    Grinding Twist Drill to drill brass.

    Sharpen the cutting faucets to 115- 140 degrees.. less angle, less grab..
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    super glue

    Shooting the haggis.. That's funny, but yeah I makes my own. I just get a small animal and some oatmeal in an old sock and pop it with the 12g, hang it out near the outhouse for a couple weeks. FYI an economy based on haggis feathers will fly nowhere!
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    super glue

    All this discussion of eye probs reminds me too much so of when I got a frag of metal in my eye and had to see a specialist at the Royal who used a tiny die grinder called an alger brush to grind the rust out of the surface of my eyeball... Back on topic.. What the heck are these people doing...
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    Piston vs Cylinder wall.

    Hi Brian, I bought some diamond paste. I am quite hesitant to use it though. From my understanding small hard granules like zircon embed themselves into softer materials when they are kind of pushed into them. I feel I have no way of effectively cleaning them out of a bore surface, or off a...