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    Measure internal taper

    If SB shows a .6020 taper that is what you need to know. If making an adapter for a center, I suggest making it a bit smaller at the large end, that way it will be recessed, about -.010 dia. should be enough. Norman #4 1/2 morse taper is about 5.375 long [gage line} Big end 1.5", taper of...
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    Measure internal taper

    Awhile back I made some spindle adapters for Rockwell lathes and others. The common problem is folks confuse taper angle, with taper size-MT. Each Morse Taper # has an angle and a size. When used in the spindle bore, the Morse ANGLE my match a certain MT, but the size is not even close. Morse...
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    What to charge to thread a rod

    What sort of work holding will you use with the Rod. 3/8 NC is tough sometimes depending on material. Scored rod from slipping in the chuck/collet never shows well. A diehead is what I'd use for the threads, work in a collet, but if material is more than mild steel, you may need a dog driver as...
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    WTB 7 inch metal shaper, Atlas 7B, South bend or others

    My buddy has a SB 7 in good shape, no cabinet. In NJ, May be to far for you. If serious I will get photos.
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    Jaws for Buck chuck

    Sorry, my jaws are to small for your chuck.
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    Jaws for Buck chuck

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    Jaws for Buck chuck

    Please post the dimensions of the jaws 'm width, groove width, height. I have some unknow jaws. Tom
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    Alignment of cylinders and crank bearings

    Most engines (full scale) have the crankshaft C/L offset to the cylinder C/L. This to reduce the angle of the connecting rod on the power stroke. This will increase engine torque a bit. combined with offset in the piston wrist pin, makes the piston skirt bear a bit heavier to one side, thereby...
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    making piston ring for Corliss Steam Engine

    I made my Corliss rings as the drawing showed. First turn the outer diameter, place piece of brass, in one of the chuck jaws, half the thickness of the offset, so a .015 will yield 030 offset in the ID. Then measure for half the width. And make the cut, flip an do the other side of the Z. I...
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    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    I dont see mentioned if you have seen the car at the MB Museum in Stuttgart. I worked for Mercedes-Benz of NA. One of the fellows I worked with had been in charge of the apprentice program, and that was who built the model you see in the museum today. When Daimler celebrated its 100 anniversary...
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    Small bore rifle barrels.

    To expand on what Ken posted. A gun drillbit does not look like a drill, a long shaft with a straight flute or two to carry away the chips, a hollow bore to flow coolant to the cutting head, which is a carbide head with 1-2 cutting edges. I use a lathe for deep drilling,( Cannon barrels)so the...
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    Is there any place to get BA Bolts / Screws in US?

    There is a site in western. NY, British Fasteners. All those sizes, taps and dies as well. Nice folks to deal with Tom
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    How to attach a sight glass?

    Look in MSC or Mcmaster, dists. all kinds from $10 up.
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    Piano wire gripper design

    There are tools called bar puller, all sizes. Used in screw machines, cnc ECT.
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    A ground fault interrupter was designed for Bathroom and kitchen use. All about moisture creating a path from hot to YOU. If you have a motor with brushes, the carbon dust creates a leakage bridge to ground, or the metal dust in a non brush motor. Leave the GFI in the bathroom where it belongs...