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    Wrong way fly cutter

    Like you I am right handed with most everything, however I taught myself to use the mouse left handed because I found I needed my right hand to do most of the typing on the keyboard.
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    IHC Titan engine

    Very interesting Lathe and ambitious build. I will be watching and learning.
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    Squaring Stock

    Joe Pie is great. I have learned more from him about machining technics than anywhere else.
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    I am sure this has been done somewhere, sometime, but I have never seen it and I like it.
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    Un-Named Engine

    I will be watching also, keep posting your progress.
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    1/4 scale international model M

    A thing of Beauty. Thank you for sharing. That was no small undertaking. Do you have a video of it running?
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    Cringle boiler build.

    Really great photos and descriptions. I have one question, how did you 'bell out' the chimneys?
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    Flywheel Castings

    What a great idea - thanks for sharing.
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    Optical center punch formula

    Ron, Thank you for sharing your video and sketch. Your layout shows your commitment to every detail. To depicting with accuracy the life of a small village on a railroad line.
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    Free plans for a larger, simpler, beam engine

    Brian, I just stumbled on this thread and watched from the beginning. You are incredible with your life time support of your projects. My hat is off to you.
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    For Sale Selling my dad's shop - Bridgeport, Linley Jig Borer, Southbend Lathe, Craftsman/Atlas Lathe, Deckel Grinder, Meteor Drill Sharpener

    Someday my son will be faced with this same problem. I will give him these hints for future reference.
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    mini V12 gasoline engine

    Way out of my league, but I enjoy seeing the ultimate craftsmanship in action. Keep it coming.
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    Getting in Trouble for Metal Chips in the House

    Aluminum chips are my nemesis.
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    T head engine by Brian

    Welcome - the fun is in the doing!
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    WMSTR in 2021

    Outstanding Marvin.