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    My take on Elmer's 25

    I started a new Elmer's 25 as a short project for the evenings. Well a few days later, and I need a new project :mad: This retains the geometry (bore/stroke/crank/inlet positions) of Elmer's 25 but I made some changes to the model. It now sits horizontally, with the flywheel below the crank...
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    Discussion - big ends on single cylinder engines - machined on or pressed in ?

    Separate crank pins allow you to use really hard materials pre-ground to exacting sizes. Drill-rod, HSS, etc. I use piano wire. It's available in a range of small sizes, is sized precisely, has an excellent surface finish and is HARD. It's some tough stuff- you'd be lucky to get 1mm into a...
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    Third engine- air powered radial triple

    Hi, Firstly, a quick introduction. I'm 19, from Australia and am now studying mech engineering. Always loved building things, built my first engine in metalwork class. I silver soldered the head together, making it unfixable when rust attacked the ball valve. I got my own lathe at 15 and...
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    Graphite piston for a radial air engine

    Hi, Recently I started building my own version of the Elmer's 11, I kept some of the crankcase and pistons but the rest of the engine is my design, using a rotary valve of my own design, inspired by one of David Kerzel's engines. Be aware that swapping out the square cylinders with round ones...