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    Drill Centers

    Hi, Thre are center drills, 60 degrees inclusive, spoting drill 90 degrees inclusive and then either stubb drills ( short length ) and jobber drills. The centering ones ( the ones with two tips ) are divided into straight profile ones such as the one in your link and the bell profile ones...
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    Turning small & slender parts

    Hi Nick, I have only been in this hobby for less than 2 years, that is exactly what I taught myself to do as soon as I learned that to turn a 1.5 mm shaft out of 2 mm stock is not going to work, that seems a long time ago. I rather use a 5 or 6 mm free cutting stock and turn in one pass, there...
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    Cross Slide Lead Screw Backlash

    Hi, May I ask what is the reason you wish to convert an antique lathe into a CNC machine? These things were designed to work as per normal, I think that you will always have issues with repeatability with old hardware such as this. In any case one way to reduce the backlash is to install a...
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    Hi, This is not what you want to hear but I strongly advise you not to run any IC engine of anysort indoors, particularly a flat. It is just too dagerous because of fire risk and the fumes. Try and run these outside to make sure that they run and if anything goes wrong then atleast there is no...
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    copper tubing suppliers for boilers

    Hi Robin, I hadn't noticed the telephone no code before, 0161 is the code for Manchester where I am, and their phone no starting with 4 means they are somewhere is south Manchester, Stockport area perhaps, macc models are based in Macclesfield, south of stockport ( about 20 minutes drive...
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    Source for graphite piston material

    Hi, I live in the UK but got this from the US. A.G
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    copper tubing suppliers for boilers

    Hi, I have just tried to log in to my account with Macc Models and I can't log into my account. They have also revamped their site and these maybe related. A.G
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    need advice on turning valve stems

    Hi, I have turned the valves for a Webster engine and they are simillar to yours. I found that it was better to start with a large diameter stock and turn in one pass, you can then use a fine emery cloth to polish the valves or take out a small amount taper . A large diameter stock will...
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    copper tubing suppliers for boilers

    Hi, Macc models have a good range of copper tubing for boilers and are good to deal with. I have no association with them but the service has been good. I have also dealt with M machines and college engineering suppllies and these are all good pro traders. A.G
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    Advice on machining PM Research 6 ½ inch flywheel (No:1Bi).

    If you have a small drill press, find the center of the wheel, spot, center drill, drill undersize and ream to size . Then make an arbor just undersize to the bore of the wheel making sure that it is a tight fit with a small shoulder at the back for the wheel to butt against, thread the front...
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    Alternatives to bearing bronze

    Hi, I am with Jasonb, if you can redesign the engine go with Oilite, it is better than bronze and will last a life time. Cast iron is the last choice, for low rpm engines but it need to be the right type, SG I think but I am not 100% sure. A.G
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    Elmer's Comber Rotary Engine

    Hi Geoff, Great looking and great running engine, thanks for sharing. Regards, A.G
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    Newbie from Oxfordshire England

    Hi and welcome, A.G , NW ( Manchester ) UK
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    Used Myford ML7 versus Seig/Craftex CX700

    Hi, I really like My ML7 too, I am getting it sorted out little by little. There is something fudamentally right and organic about the feel of the lathe. Once it is sorted it will be great tool again. Regards, A.G
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    Hi, A simple stuart or a Stuart 10v (ambitious)or a small PMI machine should be fine if your skill level is up to it. If you have not made any engines before it may be prudent to start on a bar stock engine first untill you get the confidence. With castings there is very little chance of...