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    Stirling helicopter

    I accidentally saw this Stirling helicopter. Does anyone know its origin?
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    Stirling engine helicopter

    I saw on Google that someone made this Stirling helicopter. Has anyone acquired it?
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    Horizontal Air Cooled Engine

    Brian, Have been following your work, please continue to update. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the end. Great engine. Cheers Layne
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    looking for plans for a steam radial engine

    Maybe you are interested in this engine
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    Toyan engines

    The TOYAN engine is really good, but unfortunately they don't care what users think and suggest. That's too bad. I also bought an NR200 engine. It looks very good and I expect it to run on my truck. ‎ ‎ From Australia‎
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    looking for plans for a steam radial engine 也许你对这个引擎感兴趣
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    Toyan engines

    TOYAN引擎确实不错,可惜他们不关心用户的想法和建议。这真是太糟了。我还买了一个 NR200 发动机。它看起来非常好,我期待它在我的卡车上运行。 来自澳大利亚