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    Let's talk milling machines

    On The machine without the quill you do not rely on the mechanical/electronic feed to get accuracy. You use the hand crank to get the precision you need. At least that is how I do it on my horizontal mill with the universal head. All the feeds on my machine are gear driven and will drive to a...
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    WTB Benchmaster/Duro mill

    That was my first mill. I was never that happy with it. I tended to ask to much from it. I'm much happier with a full sized machine. I hope it serves your needs well. lg no neat sig line
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    Adjustable angle plate

    Not knowing what you have to work with makes suggestions hard. I don't have a rotary base on the mill vise and have at times just swung the vise around and used one T slot and one or two strap clamps to hold it down. lg no neat sig line
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    left hand drills

    Ok then. I also come from a manufacturing environment and know when down time is calculated in $xx/second that sacrificing a tool bit is a cheap fix if it works. lg no neat sig line
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    left hand drills

    Are you saying to pre-drill with a right handed bit and then use a left handed one? I always start the process with a left handed bit. lg no neat sig line
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    Re: crooked core in cyl casting

    Ignoring the cored hole; how does the out side of the casting look? If the OD of the flanges are round then you may be able to locate off of the OD and then bore the the cylinder ID concentric from there. Hopefully the cored hole is not offset so far that you cannot get the bore cleaned up...
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    How can I find a good home for my father's steam engine

    I learned something today. If you put your cursor on the OP's location and click it, it will bring up maps and you'll find he is in England. lg no neat sig line
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    PM Research #4 Build Log

    Thank you. I'm just south of Salem, just over the hill from the Enchanted Forrest.
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    PM Research #4 Build Log

    In the above picture you can see how I modified the union in the valve linkage. I threaded the rod from the valve and threaded the union to receive it, 10-32. This worked out very well for me to tune the valve position while the engine is running. You have to add a bit of length to each piece...
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    What to charge to thread a rod

    $20, Let her feel that she paid a fair price. That said, be careful that she doesn't supply you with some bastard material that will consume you and your tooling trying to do the job. lg no neat sig line
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    Steel or brass?

    Brass moving on brass will gall. That said I doubt that the casting is the same brass that the valve material is. So in a model it will be fine. Steel will also be fine until it rusts. I built the PMR #4 and used 304 SS for the valve. The #4 is a cast iron cylinder. Don't over think this...
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    ??? Making Setups

    I believe that the ability to make a setup that allow you to make a cut on the piece you are working on is what separates the master from the apprentice. Each piece that we make is a bit different from the next so being able to setup and fixture becomes the big variable that we have to figure...
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    o;d thread
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    Have you ever seen one of these?

    What do you intend to use as a prime mover, gas, diesel, natural gas, or electricity? It sounds to me like you need a rotary phase converter or a couple of VFD's. How many and what horsepower are these machines? lg no neat sig line