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    Corliss Steam Engine (Coles Power Models)

    Dashpots are there to close the input valves after cutoff.
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    270 Offy

    For deepening threaded holes, how much smaller than minor diameter do you choose for the drill?
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    270 Offy

    Custom allen wrench for the win!:D
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    Downriver tools

    .net is correct. My brainfart
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    Downriver tools

    Try his email: jeffreylehn@comcast.com
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    3D printed bevel gear

    I have a copy of Gearotics that can model the gear and output an STL. Post all the dimensions, and I'll generate it.
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    270 Offy

    There's something to be said for plunge milling in a chain for the entire length of the slot followed by a finishing pass.
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    HALO 5 radial engine

    I built one of these 7-8 years ago, and used springs from ballpoint pens.
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    Marks Holt 75

    and Big Brother
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    The French horizontal mill with slide valve drawn up by JD Waal in New Zealand

    I used Loctite for a similar cylinder/steam chest joint on the Grasshopper, and it has held very well.
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    The French horizontal mill with slide valve drawn up by JD Waal in New Zealand

    Can you post a link to the plan(s) and part to which you are referring? Remember that Julius builds these in Solidworks, and this software is perfectly capable of designing assemblies that can't be built as drawn.
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    Martin Models

    Showing foresight. :D
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    NMTA 40 vs CAT 40

    Pull studs are locked by hydraulics on CNC mills. A spacer with a vertical slot would allow it to be removed as needed. You'd need to determine if it would be too unbalanced when spinning.
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    Have you ever seen one of these?

    For the cheapest possible rotary, do manual start. The "box" that you find on eBay is just for starting the 3PH motor that serves as the generator. So if you have a pulley on the motor shaft with a rope wrap that can spin it up, you can start it that way. Otherwise you size the box according...
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    Have you ever seen one of these?

    I have a rotary phase converter in my shop. Uses a 7HP GE 3Ph motor. The phase converter box mainly serves to start the motor via its large capacitors. Input is 240V single phase. One of the output legs is 190V, but neither of my machines that it powers complains. Advantage here is that's...