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    270 Offy

    Love the Sunday updates.
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    270 Offy

    A program following a flat flank wouldn't rotate the table until the start of the next non-flat section. The tool would move along the Y axis as well as Z to maintain tangency.
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    270 Offy

    Given that a cam lobe is convex, a flat tool tangent to any point can't touch any other point. So I don't understand why gouging could come into play as long as the path keeps the tool tangent to the intended surface. The A axis should be able to move continuously.
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    BEAM engine with Peaucelliar-Lipkin Linkage.

    Nice to see something different.
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    270 Offy

    Did your CAM generate the tool paths/g-code? I had come up with a way to do it via a self-written Java program and a DXF of the lobe, but haven't needed to actually do the work. What would be the result using an endmill > 2x lobe width, offset so center never comes into play?
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    Bridgeport for sale

    The vise is worth $400 by itself, not to mention the phase converter. Great deal for someone close by with a trailer. Do you have a means to load it?
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    270 Offy

    I'm surprised you didn't thread mill those threads. Is there a reason you couldn't modify the plan to use a more common thread?
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    Marks Holt 75

    If you're using CNC, why not mill the letters and cover as one piece? The result looks great regardless of method. I need a bead blast setup.
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    Stuart No 3 Compound

    That's not a beginner engine for sure. Perhaps you should work on simpler parts to build confidence before attacking the castings. Here are some photos of setups of a build on the other site:,5996.msg119029.html#msg119029 You might contact any...
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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    I have a set of under/over reamers that are .001" over and under. Over for a sliding fit and under for a press fit.
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    VFD Wiring

    I have a pretty heft 3000 lb lathe with a 4000 rpm max, and I haven't needed to exceed 1500 for a good long while. I'd probably only do so with the collet chuck. My Bridgeport VFD is from Automation Direct. It can show putative RPM as I have input a factor which is multiplied by the...
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    Cleaning out all my engine kits

    I'd suggest posting your location.
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    cnc engraving recomendations

    I assume the engraving bits actually have a flat on the tip rather than a point. I have a set from Bits & Bits with varying size flats. Start with DOC of around .003" and see how you like the result with the various tip sizes. A lot will depend on how flat the brass is. Run max RPM and slow...
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    Rotary table problems

    I had a Phase II 8" table before I went CNC. It seemed quite decent for my needs and oil leakage was minimal. Weighed a lot, and is appropriate for a full size mill.
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    Introducing ... the "Steel Webster"

    "94.000 thou" isn't proper dimensioning. .094 is.