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    celsoari, During the late 80s and early 90s, I traveled to Sao Paulo several times on business. I enjoyed your country very much. The people were helpful and friendly and I certainly enjoyed the food. Regards, Chuck
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    Well done and a very useful tool. Chuck
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    Marks Holt 75

    Very well done, Mark. Thanks for posting th9. Chuck
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    Line Boring on a US-Type Lathe

    ` Nice setup. Thanks, Karl. Chuck
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    Line Boring on a US-Type Lathe

    Do you have any photos showing how the table attaches to the cross slide? Regards, Chuck
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    Corliss Steam Engine (Coles Power Models)

    LeZap, That's very nice work on your Corliss. Thanks for posting the photos and especially the picture of your Shop Cat. Chuck
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    New Member

    Welcome to the group, Chuck. You might try Bernie at Hobby Metal Kits. I've had good service from him. Good luck with the engines. Regards, Chuck
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    Howell V-Twin

    Jon, Too bad about NAMES this year. I'm look forward to seeing you and your Vee Twin at NAMES 2021. Take care. Regards, Chuck Kuhn
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    Suppliers in US

    Hi ku4qb 1, Welcome back to the hobby. Check out godshalls live steam locomotives and parts for all model bolts/nuts and other items. for casting sets, flywheels, etc.
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    New ..

    Do you have a wrench that fits the square on the tap? You might be able to turn the tap a bit at a time. It would be slow, but might work. If you don't have a wrench, you could put a slot that flits the square in a thin piece of steel. Chuck
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    Half-Scale replica of Henry Fords 1896 Quadricycle engine

    Very nice. Well done. Chuck
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    Howell V-Twin

    Jon, Good to see you back. Good luck on the final bits to get your V2 running. Chuck Kuhn
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    Bar stock inline four. Westbury seal inspired

    Thanks for the stud thread size. Luckily, I've got a good idea of what a M3X0.5mm thread looks like. I recently bought a tap that size for an insert holder I made for the Sherline lathe. Chuck
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    New ..

    Minh Than, You are off to a very good start. You block looks well done. I'll watching. Chuck
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    old tractor LANZ HP 4WD 1923 (scale 1/4)

    Very nice work. Chuck