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  1. Ken I

    stirling 60 build

    Anday1 - see also my thread on the Stirling 60 + my revised drawings. Ted was a great help there as well. Jeroen Jonkman's Sterling 60 I agree with Ted, you can't just drill a hole and get the concentricity you need (see sub link "I Can't Drill Straight) There is a lot of information traded...
  2. Ken I

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    I gave up on using that idea or the indicator dial years ago simply because I've had the half nuts "ride" improperly closed and therefore out of pitch - it only has to happen once and your job is destroyed. I have had it happen on a number of different lathes including a wonderful Graziano but...
  3. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Foozer,If you are looking for the locus of motion - here it is - red dot on the pitch circle diameter so ignore the teeth and consider it two wheels running on each other (at their PCDs). A red dot indicates its position per tooth of rotation. It traces three epicyclic paths - demonstrating...
  4. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Willray - I see your point - and got confused all over again so I drew in the other positions (rotation degrees indicated are for the 20T planet wheel so rotating it 180° equates to 10 Teeth) :- As you can see at the North South East & West positions the datum tooth (now highlighted in red) is...
  5. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    Well I was wrong and of course Marv was right but I had to draw it out to convince myself By rotating a 10T planet gear about a 60T sun gear (3:1) ratio in 180° (10 tooth) increments you can see that after being turned though 3 half turns the datum dot is now in its starting position and thus...
  6. Ken I

    Mathematical question

    I haven't looked at anything and my answer is 4 - the smaller outer turns 3 revs against the inner but in so doing rotates an additional revolution. Kind of like the plot kicker in "Around The World In 80 Days" - Fogg thinks he has lost the bet as he has seen 80 sunsets - but that was in 79...
  7. Ken I

    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    Ah K2, you've zoomed into my danger label - I censored it for the photo - given to me by an Australian friend "Not To Be Operated By F***wits." Hope no one is too offended by this. Here's another favorite Regards, Ken
  8. Ken I

    Flywheel becoming loose (setscrew is used)

    Here's a model of an industrial "Clampex" coupling I made - mostly just to see if it would work :- It worked fine - nut was a prototype to test torque - came in at 7.5 ft.lbs. And how I used it to secure the flywheel on my beam engine (those are M2 Cap Head Screws) :- Has a nice industrial...
  9. Ken I

    gear cutters

    Here's something I posted a few years back on home gear-cutting. It covers generating your own profiles (using AutoCad or similar) and making your own cutters etc. etc. Regards, Ken
  10. Ken I

    Hello From a Long Time Lurker

    Welcome Mark - I too lurked for a long time - welcome to the forum and thanks for choosing my wobbler. Any issues feel free to ask and be sure to post a build thread. You might want to change the piston to 1/2" and the rod to 3/16" if you only have imperial reamers etc. etc. I normally just take...
  11. Ken I

    Greatings From Chicago!

    Festo make small couplers (KD range) - the one in the video is a 5mm - they go down to 3mm. They auto close and I've never had a peep of trouble with them. I use the 5mm on all my models. In some cases I turn the male part when I want it integral to the motor (as in the case of my CIRCE engine)...
  12. Ken I

    Greatings From Chicago!

    What's a wobbler. This is :- See plans etc. for this engine at the following post :- Magnetically Sprung Wobbler Regards, Ken
  13. Ken I

    Broken crankshaft !?

    That looks like a combination of a fatigue fracture from too sharp a corner radius plus torque or flexing. Since you were only running trials - where did the stress originate - was it difficult to turn or is there a misalignment in the mains - such that you are running the crank "bent" - this...
  14. Ken I

    Demon V8

    For anyone interested - a link to a tutorial I did some time back on moulding using vacuum and pressure. Injection / Vacuum Moulding in Polyurethane When moulding silicone in aluminium moulds be sure you use the correct release agent - I have a mould with a permanently moulded silicone part...
  15. Ken I

    Measuring length on a lathe

    I do the same as Paul for short parts or as long as my slide movement permits. Otherwise I guess it slightly long against a Vernier backing away from the chuck to take up backlash for the final adjustment (lock the saddle) - take a partial cut with the PO and measure. Dial in the necessary...