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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Maybe Richard knows what the family did with his files . . . Or who to ask. R
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    No, my bad, this was a silly loop right back here. I popped into the middle and didn't realize this thread had started in 2014. See flat forehead. Given the lack of plans and the prominent place it had in his home, I suspect he did it as a personal project and any plans were in his personal...
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Ops, my bad.
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    Linux "Q4OS"

    Everything has a learning curve and when I was in professional development in the US Army we all know the first day, or more, would be a vocabulary lesson. The Infantry and Artillery still can't agree on what "destroyed" means, but my view point is if you aren't close enough for it to shoot back...
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    plans for a steam engine for a model of the African Queen

    There are two African Queen threads on the site. I understand this thread really isn't about the original engine, but because my father in law is an big fan of the movie, I wanted to share the article. Then I decided to check Wikipedia and found two separate articles on the boat, This article...
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    African Queen

    2021 update after the subject was discussed on another thread. I decided to check Wikipedia and found two separate articles on the boat with several original source citations. This article on the movie claims the L.S. Livingston "had been a working diesel boat for 40 years". This article on the...
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    Shaper Tool Holder - Armstrong Derivative

    Looks really good J. One day I'll complete my slotting tool then make one up. "You can make anything but money . . . . " :)
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    hauling a small mill

    Glad it all worked out! Ron
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    hauling a small mill

    "Most" 440 motors are capable of running on 220. Not difficult to switch the wires, and will give you an opportunity to see what shape the insulation is in.
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    hauling a small mill

    I was coordinating for a wrecker a few weeks ago for a 10EE. The driver who wasn't able to take the job mentioned the necessity of finding someone who either really knew or wouldn't argue over how to rig it. The BB2 is very small. There is no lifting eye, and I wouldn't hang one by the table. I...
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    hauling a small mill

    I have two BB4. Hauled the last one home laying down on the non control side in the back of a Honda CRV. Got it out sliding on a ramp on furniture skids onto a pallet jack to the garage, then onto pipe. Tire will be fine, but I advise a pallet so you can stram the mill the pallet. I learned...
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    Disposable Gas Bottle Thread

    Semi on-topic. This is a great single point threading practice thread in PVC pipe.
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    ??? Making Setups

    Removed by poster.
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    Splicing linisher belts?

    Thanks for mentioning this. I haven't had much luck with adhesives. Will give this a try whoulf I need to do another leather belt. Ron
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    WTB 7 inch metal shaper, Atlas 7B, South bend or others

    I had an instructor at the Army Logistics University who was a past president of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association. He had gotten tired of Jeeps etc. so his project at the time, and this was the late '90s, was one of these shops. At least the tools etc. that went in a van. I did a...