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    How much should I pay

    Hello all I've been offered a wayco 180 with digital set up and a centre set also it comes with tailstock centering set plus 4 and 3 jaw chuck It's all been set up and modified as per needed Only been used once in real terms It was bought for £1227 The problem is that the seller is a good...
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    New Old enginer

    I shall try to remember that I have enough trouble remembering to Take photos for my own records ha
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    New Old enginer

    Gus Sorry for no reply to your message I seemed to have missed it as I wasn't particularly up to speed on the way the site worked so I would now like to thank you I shall try and attempt to upload some pics for all to peruse at there own leisure At the moment I'm have a moving of things off...
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    Reading material magazine type stuff

    I'm just wondering what magazines people read to do with our hobby I find that a lot of times that the magazine is more advertising than article and I can understand why but just as a hobbyist starting to get into small engineering projects it would be nice to have some reading material that...
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    New Old enginer

    I've just found this site and feel like I've found shangri-la Like minded people who are willing to give information to anyone who needs it Friendly and helpful is a rare thing these days So I shall be looking through the pages and shall be enjoying them As someone who has been involved with...