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    Machining pillars

    Good day all, Faced with the problem of making 6 pillars with equal length for the "Husky" engine I am building I came up with the idea shown in pics attached. I had tried something similar when making the "River Queen" using a split bush. That worked but not as well as this. Apologies if this...
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    Free ball bearings

    Good day, Your requests noted. I will have to start stripping the bits out - could take a little while as I still have my day job but will get things going as quickly as possible. Paypal sounds good - I have a Paypal account that I have used to buy things but never for receipts. Maybe someone...
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    Free ball bearings

    Good day, Well, the response has been completely underwhelming. I must have upwards of a hundred of these - how many can you use? Send me a pm with your postal address and I'll organise something. cheers John K.
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    Free ball bearings

    Hi, 10 per - in case of a large number of people responding we would have to consider limiting the number of bearings for each recipient - maybe 10 per person or whatever. The local post office is quoting ZAR 11,60 airmail for small letters (10 bearings = 4g.) so by the time it gets put into a...
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    Free ball bearings

    Good day all, I recently posted the offer below on Model Boat Mayhem - no takers - so if anyone here can use some . . . Having, for a number of years, been involved in servicing digital readout equipment (much of it from the Chinese company Easson) I find I have accumulated a considerable...
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    Grizzly Stirling H8101

    Good day all, Having seen a recent thread querying info on the subject model, I found the manual containing the drawings and downloaded it. It seems to build into quite a nice project but a couple of the parts are not included with the package. The one, the hot cylinder, is not too much of a...
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    Sparey 5cc. plans

    Good day all, I've been stooging around some old copies of Aeromodeller magazine (circa 1943/44). There is quite a lot of correspondence about L.H. Sparey's design for a 5/6cc. engine, including a GA drawing showing the concept. Does anyone out there know if he ever published the plans to make...
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    Testing - posting a video

    Good day, If anyone gets to read this and views the attached video then I guess it worked. If not, please tell me what to do. Ok - I just tried to attach the file - all I could see in the folder were some jpg pictures. My camera (an Olympus) takes movies with a .MOV filename extension and...
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    First IC engine

    Good day all, Brian, thanks for your input - however I've followed progress on the Webster, seen the plans etc. but not what I had in mind. I like the Boll Aero, I like the Holly Buddy. Just wondered if the Little Dragon could be "diesalized??". (I think I may be taken away by the language...
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    First IC engine

    Good day all, I am looking to maybe build an IC engine. This would be my first. One of the plans that I have looked at is Roy Clough's "Little Dragon". However I don't particularly want to have the glow plug. Has anyone built this engine for compression ignition? Would it be a major problem to...
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    Making lathe from scratch and using mild steel plate? Why use cast iron?

    Good day, I understand that both cast iron and concrete have the desirable attribute of damping out vibration. In the 1970's George Fischer - a Swiss company making state of the art CNC production lathes were using concrete beds to exploit this characteristic. As far as strength vis a vis...
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    Have you ever been here?

    I saw this done many years ago - the machine was a big American M/c Tools CNC slant bed chucking lathe (18" Cushman hydraulic chuck) - turning a cast steel valve body. Operator changed the insert in the tool, started the spindle backwards and pressed the green button. Horrible noise, bye-bye...
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    Scaling Stirling Engine?

    Wow ! Thanks guys, you've answered the question and a couple I didn't ask. Trying to build up my competency and experience, so I'm going to take the easy way out for this one, and use what's at hand. The information here is going to be a great help when I move on to the next challenge. Thanks...
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    Scaling Stirling Engine?

    Good day and thanks for the responses. Why I don't make the piston? From past experience of machining aluminium components with very thin sections this usually end in tears and the plan calls for the displacer to be as light as possible. all the best John K.
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    Scaling Stirling Engine?

    Good day all, I have been considering for some time building a Stirling engine but the difficulty has arisen what to use as the displacer piston. The plan suggests an aluminium cigar tube (not an option) so have been looking for a substitute. I have now found a suitable part, however it is...