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    Marks Holt 75

    Thanks Mark, I wondered if you held the ring in the vice and brought the chisel down onto it which would seem to me risky. The dimple would localise the stress and be a much more safe way of doing it.
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    Marks Holt 75

    Can I ask that you describe the breaking with more detail e.g. how was the ring presented to the sharp edge of the chisel?
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    CNCing a mini mill

    I have never thought of that possibility! I have been hand positioning my router table axis's without any damage for many years! I prefer moving them by hand rather than jogging them. I have even moved them when they have been activated when I have tried to "nudge" an axis slightly to...
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    What a shame - I'm glad I'm not the only one. I offered to shave off an 1/8th from the bottom off my friends door only to find out when re-hanging it that I had actually taken an 1/8th of the TOP. How could I do that?
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    Chevy V8 Scale Engine Plane

    Jo Pie's method is certainly quick once you have the right setting however you don't have any control of the surface finish although you can cut slightly oversize and reduce using a file and emery paper. Slowly slowly catchee monkey for me! I've used the step method but once again you have to...
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    Cfellows plans wanted

    I made the HH design and used it for simple grinding - it's no more than a semi-precision tool rest fitted to a bench grinder. It was cheap to make and provided me with the capability of accurate angle grinding for lathe tools etc. but it was awkward to use and quite limited in scope. I...
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    How to use a posilock collet holder?

    The question was "how to use a Posilock chuck". First you insert the correct size of collet into the chuck body ensuring that the cut away at the base of the collet misses the stop pin at the bottom of the chuck i.e. the collet does not ride on top of the stop pin. Now screw on the outer...
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    Spring Winder - Build your own springs

    Not wishing to be pedantic but the word "anneal" should be "temper" - slightly different but very important!
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    270 Offy

    I use my Quorn grinding spindle for similar jobs and it has a TIR of 2 tenths. I tried 3 times to better that but each time the spindle came out at 2 tenths again! I then found out that the lathe mandrel had a 2 tenths TIR which is why I could never better it. The Quorn spindle design uses...
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    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Beautiful engineering. I guess the large mass flywheel is mostly responsible for the smooth slow running just like the full size hit and miss engines heavily rely on the large rotating flywheel mass to keep going. With a single cylinder engine you definitely need a big flywheel!
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    some days i tell ya

    Yes, I believe we loose some spatial awareness as we age. I had a career which required me to drive all over GB and when I was half as old as I am now I would only need to look at the map on the first trip and then subsequently I could repeat the navigation faultlessly. BUT NOW.... I have to...
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    Drill or mill?

    This is my Quorn T&C grinder which was my first project before I retired 10 years ago and it took me the best part of 3 years to finish. It has enabled me to produce custom cutting tools and to keep on top of sharpening most of the other tools that I use in my hobby of 7 and quarter inch gauge...
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    some days i tell ya

    Yes, I have days like that and at the slightest hint that things are not going well I give up and go inside and do something else. I know that one has to be "in the zone" when successfully practising workshop technology and some days its just not there! I can go for weeks without breaking...
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    Drill or mill?

    I make miniature steam boiler injectors which require close concentricity for them to work correctly and I am often drilling holes in the sub millimetre sizes. I have learnt that to get a hole bang in the middle a piece of stock a special centre drill has to be used. It has to have a point not...
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    Drill or mill?

    Oh dear, you've spotted my original motherland!