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    Small filing machine

    I could use one of those for when I'm filing square holes which are difficult to position and correctly dimension if one does not have a suitable broach not to mention the loss of life time by doing it manually!
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    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    I so agree with Ramon - normally a hole in a piece of metal expands i.e. a 0.25 diameter hole becomes bigger as the heat builds up. However in bronze it seems to contract because if you don't lubricate and suppress heat generation IT WILL GRAB and break your drill. I haven't found end mill...
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    Yet Another Webster Begins

    Sacrifice a pair of toe nail cutters, they don't have bevels on the cutting edges. It will ruin them for their proper use but will allow you to grip the roll pin and with the help of a screw driver blade between the cutter and the flywheel boss enable you to lever it out. Next time, make a...
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    Thanks for that info. I suspected that the motor would not give its full potential on a 220 line voltage and I understand that the mining industry uses a different (higher) line voltage to the domestic one presumably to obtain more power from the same frame size. I believe that Canada uses a...
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    Chinese Vertical Hit and Miss

    It makes a great tapping lubricant especially on difficult stainless steel which work hardens by just looking at it!
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    I saw an advert for a 3 phase electric motor on Aussie Ebay the other day and it quoted 440/720 volts on the motor plate. I'm wondering if this a special motor for running on a different line voltage than the normal domestic line voltage of 220/230 volts. Can anyone explain to me what this...
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    Loctite 680 and its use in a press fit application?

    Yes, you need a gap! I 680'ed my steam loco wheels and they worked fine for 8 years and then one of the wheels slipped! I think that the firebox heat affected that wheel (it was the rear axle of a Mogul) and also it may have been penetrated by the all pervasive oil that always adorns the...
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    Toolpost (or other) grinding in the lathe

    Just to add my experience - This was my first time of using my Quorn spindle on the lathe and it went well although I somewhat resented all the time it took both to do the grinding and the very long clean up time required to remove all the damaging dust. If I was charging my time then...
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    5 inch vertical boiler plans.

    Ummm... I don't know whether to thank you Ken for that or not! I got the gist but the detail was a bit esoteric. Like I said the Sievert works for the time being for what I use the boiler for and my time is limited as is everyone's!
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    5 inch vertical boiler plans.

    Thanks Steamchick. No I haven't delved into the mysteries of gas burners other than to stick my Sievert torch into the firehole although my friend with a 7.25 gauge single Fairlie loco has made a gas burner and had some good success. I was thinking of using some perforated ceramic from Poly...
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    5 inch vertical boiler plans.

    Yes Ken you are right, that's why I lurk in the background to pick up ideas and information I often didn't know that I needed! It's a really good way to spend your time, there are pearls in nearly every thread!
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    Hello there

    Three very nicely made engines!
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    5 inch vertical boiler plans.

    I designed and built a 6 inch vertical copper boiler a couple of years ago - I needed a source of steam to test locomotive accessories and fittings. It was my first boiler attempt: I was familiar with silver soldering having made and run a 7 and a quarter inch mogul steam locomotive for some...
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    Mostly finished model gas engine for sale.

    I'm also resident in NZ and I took delivery of a spin indexer bought from ArcEuroTrade a couple of moths ago and the shipping cost was 106 UK pounds for 26 lbs (12kg) by Fedex. Hope this helps.
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    Little Adept lathe for my 5 year old

    I notice from your photos that you are not ensuring that the top of the tool clamp is level i.e. parallel to the ways. This is necessary for the nut to bear down onto the tool clamp with even pressure around the nut's circumference. If this is not adhered to then the nut will press down on...