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    Finally finished my half scale Olds Hit Miss !

    nice looking engine and a good runner,well done
  2. J

    Mery Engine Piston Rings Won't Seat

    Try some Automatic transmission fluid on the rings, that should let them break in .Jeff
  3. J

    Oliver Instrument Die Filer

    I was lucky enough to buy an All American at a auction for $40.00 I don't use it every day but it works well .Jeff
  4. J

    New guy from pa

    Try searching old popular mechanics magazines on goggle , they ran a simple engine made out of copper pipe many years ago, my uncle made one for me when I was a kid .Jeff
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    Portersville (Pa) Steam Show exhibitors still wanted!

    Sad news to report here ,Allen passed away on Monday the 21st, 47 years young . Allen made great improvements to the model building at Portersville ,for many years I displayed my models there and this year with Allen in charge everything was flawless,He will be missed .Jeff
  6. J

    South Bend C9-10JR 9x24

    I hate to cut down this lathe , but their's no power cross feed and the long feed is powered by engaging the half nuts not a clutch . I would check and see if the half nuts are still good.
  7. J

    Hoglets finished, Holt started

    Great job on the Hoglets. I'll be following the Holt build ,as I have a set of castings and I'm curious to see how some of the machining operations are carried out .
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    Portersville (Pa) Steam Show exhibitors still wanted!

    Allen 30" between the table and the bench should be fine.Jeff
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    Portersville (Pa) Steam Show exhibitors still wanted!

    Allen , I should be able to make the show,I have some Stuart Turner models so I would need some space on the air table .Jeff
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    Old Castings

    I have a casting set for a Clarkson Horizontial 2" x 2" with reverse . The receipt in the box is from 1970
  11. J

    Stuart 10V almost done

    Very nice work
  12. J

    I'd like to talk to modelers from Western Pa, Eastern Ohio

    It would be great to see more models in the Exhibit building , I get lonely in there all by myself.:D
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    Holt Engine from Coles

    great looking engine , I also have the castings to build but no time right now .Would like to see some photos of the build .Jeff
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    Lane & Bodley Corliss castings

    I have for sale misc castings for the Lane & Bodley Corliss steam engine in Bronze ,here is the short list 2 frames , crank disk , eccentric strap , and others .If you need something for this model I'll check and see if I have it, I don't have any cylinders or flywheels.Jeff
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    FS dividing plates for a P&W 3-c dividing head

    For sale a set of 3 dividing plates for a Pratt & Whitney 3-C Dividing head ,these are shop made and are very good to excellent quality .The set includes one of each plate 15-20 , 21-33 and 37-49 asking $135.00 plus shipping . I also have an extra 21-33 plate asking $45.00 plus shipping for it...