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    Band saws

    OK i will give my 2 cents worth I have 4 band saws and for a first saw I would recommend a porta band i have a milwaukee brand I find that i use it quite frequently and its ability to cut things that will not easily clamp in the other saws is an asset also if i did not have the other saws i...
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    14x40 lathe power feed improvement

    I find this very interesting my friend who purchased a similar lathe calls these things a "kit of parts" happy hunting archie
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    Making a D1 4 Chuck reciever for a rotary table.

    Ninefinger, This is a very cool project , one I would like to make. I am going to mount a chuck to my bridgeport today to make a spanner socket (think little fingers) and it is kinda thin ( mill vise will crush) any drawings or build notes or drawings would be greatly...
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    Denford Orac rescue

    I wish you all the luck in the world. I will be watching this with much interest. Happy hunting archie
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    another 4th axis...... and a 5th

    This is all very cool pictures of it on the mill please Happy Hunting archie
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Your english looks fine from here :thumbup: I would like to know more about your indexers with more (bad english) and pictures... Thank You archie
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    Welding cart and new machines

    thank you the pvc holds various tig rods and the blue ones hold stick rods, the idea for PVC came from Jody (welding tips and tricks) archie
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    Welding cart and new machines

    Thank you, The tig was a new product last year I have used it a little but the mig was used to build the cart. the tig machine was back ordered for a couple of months when i ordered it . the mig was on the shelf. I think this model of mig has been discontinued for the dual voltage model. i am...
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    Welding cart and new machines

    This spring I sold a couple of old boat anchor welders and purchased 2 new ones. a lot of time money and energy went into this build. there is even enough power cable to reach into the alley I will let the photos speak for themselves. I am really proud of this. Happy Hunting archie
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    mounting a 5c collet chuck to my D1-4 lathe

    I needed to mount my plain back hardinge 5C collett chuck to my south bend 14 which has a D 1-4 spindle nose. here are some photos of the process. I had a smaller D 1-4 mount which I adapted' a lot of swarf
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    Added a Trav A Dial to my Craftsman 101.27430 12" x 24" lathe

    ksierens That is an awsum job very clean. Happy Hunting archie
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    Arduino in the shop

    some food for thought D1-4 camlock spindle
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    Arduino in the shop

    I asked for and received a arduino last Christmas and it is still in the box. A year has passed. I guess I could use a little motivation. archie
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    Drill Templates?

    drill one diameter in from the edge of stock and the pilot drill should be just slightly larger than the web of the drill bit you are using for your final hole. IMHO archie =) =) =)