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    Epicyclic Engine

    It's not to hard to cut your own internal gears, basically grind a single tooth cutter to match the drawn profile and then mount it in a holder in your mill and use the quill as a manual slotting head. I started describing making one for an epicyclic gearbox in this thread and carry on down...
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    Trying to understand cam shaft gearing. Help needed.

    I find the German drawings some of the best model drawings about. Unlike most UK and American model engine plans they actually give detail of tolerances etc as can be seen by the H7 spec for the gear bore for example. Surely cam lift will be dependant on the size of engine. I've made engines...
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    Trying to understand cam shaft gearing. Help needed.

    Z is often used for tooth number on saw blades throughout the world as well as gears. MOD gears are in effect the metric equivalent of DP and you should be able to pick them up from bearing and belt suppliers as well as good old e-bay or Amazon. The ones coming out of china are fine for our...
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    source of scale spark plug wire for hit and miss models

    I have just used cotton braid insulated wire which is about 3mm overall diameter so works OK on 1/2 to 1/4 scale engines, have not had any problems with the spark trying to jump. This looks like the 7 or 8mm braided HT wire. If you just want plain black or red then you can use leads for...
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    1/4 Scale Benz Engine (Inch) Model

    I'd say welding may not be suitable for all those items, the smaller stuff would be better silver soldered (silver brazed) it is what I would mostly use on an engine of that size with maybe the occasional weld as the first stage of a fabrication then adding smaller parts by soldering that way...
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    O-ring for piston ring

    That's just about 25mm you could use a 2.4mm section x 20.6mm ID metric Viton 75 ring in that
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    O-ring for piston ring

    As said you can't just put a Viton ring in a groove sized for an iron ring you need to size it to suit the O ring and don't use the generally published data as that squashes it too much, Model Engineers Handbook and Reeves catalogue shave the right sizes for out use. Last 5 IC engines that I...
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    Anzani Crankcase Venting

    The radial Anzani model just shows the vent with a plain small hole, couple of other engines I have done have also had a clear hole in the vent with no felt or screen.
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    Reduce engine size.

    A lot will depend on what you want out of the scaled engine, if it is performance then there are a few more things to be considered as mentioned above, if just running for enjoyment and display then as per the original post just reduce everything but the same factor, also works when you want to...
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    You don't happen to have a decent photo of the 36cc Wall do you? I'm thinking of scratch building one but would like a better picture than what was in the original articles.
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    The right stays with the authors estate for 75yrs after death in UK law As far as ME Mag then they hold the right to the work as set and published by them, author still holds right to original so can publish elsewhere eg like Mason's Minnie book which is basically all the mag content in one place.
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    How do I order inserts for this?

    Careful, if you click on the "more info in catalogue" link that gives different codes for "Borite brand only"
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    pipe fittings confusion

    3/8 x 32 is a big thread for 5/32" pipe, probably have to make your own custon ferrule/nipple that is sized externally for the 3/8" nut/male spigot and internally to be a nice fit on the 5/32" pipe don't use solder to bulk it out a sit won't. If you can't make the nipple then a turned parallel...
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    Cleaning out all my engine kits

    Yes the R&V makes a nice engine, just to temp someone to part with their cash here is one I made earlier
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    Stuart 10V plans

    It should not be too hard to do it once you have the drawings and you can scale off of those and even if a little out the castings would vary a bit anyway. I've done it several times often changing the scale as well though mostly fabricating with some cutting from solid (manual mill) but as I...