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    Hello from Canada.

    HMEM is a great place with a large number of helpful knowledgeable people but the Myford geeks hang out at [email protected] Ian in Stouffville
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    Making a one piece crankshaft from 1144 stress proof steel

    Hi Brian, excellent post as always. Could you tell us the name of your steel supplier in Barrie please? I live in TO and have found the suppliers to be quite obnoxious about small orders and I end up buying from the US with huge freight charges. A local supply might get me more active in my tiny...
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    What to charge to thread a rod

    For a small semi-friendly transaction like this I normally charge "a case of beer" and telling them that the next transaction will be at normal commercial rates. If they object to alcohol, then to hell with them.
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    Ace is the place

    Not being a US resident, I found it ironic that in Minnesota I must pay a sales tax when I buy a piece of artwork (paintings or photographs) yet bullet proof vests are tax free.
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    Thumb piercings

    To follow on from Generatorgus, there seems to be a normal level of accidents in the wear and tear category and then there are the really dumb acts which serve to adjust the gene pool. An example of the latter occurred a few days ago and was reported in the BBC World News: “At...
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    QCTP for Myford lathe

    Nicolas, by now you should be aware that RDG Tools acquired the Myford name and remaining assets about a year ago. In essence they are the same company. It is true that they are still sorting out the various websites but as far as I can tell the products are the same. The RDG site shows "special...
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    Ryobi Bandsaw Conversion ?

    I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my shop, but the dumbest was converting my 14” Rockwell Delta band saw to cut metal. You need a cutting speed of 50-100 ft/minute for steel and perhaps 200 for Aluminum, so what type of speed reducer are you going to use?? The Ryobi...
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    Solo lathe moving

    I have seen several approaches that have worked: a. rollers made from cast iron plumbing pipe; b. several pieces of flat sheet metal liberally oiled will let the lathe slide easily over them. You will need something to pull it along – in North America it...
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    I finally have a Lathe Project...

    Gary, No, I have never owned one, but I did see one a few years ago. The flat top and on/off switch are quite characteristic of the breed. From the look of the VWs on your site, you clearly like a challenge and I think you have one with this lathe. Never mind the fire damage and the...
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    I finally have a Lathe Project...

    Rockwell Delta 11"
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    Used Myford ML7 versus Seig/Craftex CX700

    Torontobuilder, I live in Richmond Hill and have gone through similar degrees of navel gazing. However the main issue seems to be price. 1. Busy Bee has the Craftex CX700 10x22 at C$1799 and it comes with lots of accessories including a 4 jaw chuck. 2. A bare used ML7...
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    I am a rank beginner with just a Sieg C2 7x12 and an X2 mill, but I am very impressed with the range of beautiful machinery shown here. But, eat your heart out!! Has anybody seen a Hebrug?? This is a Hebrug DR1 11x30 precision toolmakers lathe from Holland. I was offered for free if I...