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    Parting tool chatter

    Steamchick, I do understand what you are saying but your post is too much for me to absorb at my age, I have done machining professionally for over 45 years and another 23 years as a hobby, I realize that chunk of metal was too much for my little lathe and normally I would not attempt parting...
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    Parting tool chatter

    Jack, thank you for the comment, trouble was the lathe was stalling and the motor was still turning and screaming on the smallest pulley so I went to the next bigger pulley for more grip, catch 22, I realize its not the best setup with the holder hanging out in a little block clamped to a 0.500...
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    Parting tool chatter

    If I had a bigger motor I feel sure the operation in this video would work perfectly and on a small lathe like the Taig this op is over the top for such a small lathe, so the old fashioned spring holder is not at fault, in fact, it does the job well,
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    Parting tool chatter

    I give up,
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    Parting tool chatter

    Smithdoor, wrong, Journeyman tooland die
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    Parting tool chatter

    Jack, I'm pretty sure it is the spring tool holder, Jack610 you are right on, that is exactly what it does, keep the pressure on and the tool moves away relieving the cut Edmund........Alberta
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    Parting tool chatter

    I notice no member has mentioned the old spring parting holder design, I built one scaled down for my Taig lathe and you can't have a lathe much smaller than that it holds a 3/8 x 0.040 blade, it has improved my success immensely, sometimes new is not always better, Edmund.........Alberta
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    Measuring thread depth without wires - your views, please

    I have just come into this conversation and I'm not sure if this can be of help, I recently received an email from Albany County Fasteners they have a new item in stock that may be worthwhile for some
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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    Blockman, it might be worthwhile to drill a very small hole close to the bottom of the joint to release air you may find the head or stem will lift as you heat the parts, Edmund............Alberta
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    Difficulty with setup

    When I left school at fifteen my first job as a Turner Improver was at a small shop in London UK machining water pump castings and one job was on the production line chasing brass shafts and I found that slow rpm was not good it went 100% better with a higher speed, that was 70 years ago, don't...
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    Valve design - which is stronger / better?

    I built Westbury's Sealion and he uses the recessed cup and circlip type and that engine should run rpm up to 10,000 Edmund..........Alberta
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    I have a Taig Mini Lathe and I scaled down a copy of an old fashioned spring parting off toolholder it really works great, Edmund.........Alberta
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    G Jones, The Taig lathe is actually very accurate in use and if Jerry Kieffer can produce small Models on Sherline equipment the Taig will also, incase you might be interested take a look at some of my videos on you tube my channel is listed Walter Maisey
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    G JONES, put your $100 away for 5 months and you have enough to get yourself going with a new Taig lathe and a milling attachment that is what Taig is all about maki9ng your own tools to increase its versatility,
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    Safety Turning

    If you have a Dremel tool and some diamond shank bits, and if you are careful, it is possible to grind a chip breaker on a hss or carbide toolbit,