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    6 Cyl Radial Air Eng (GrabCad)

    Been it an air motor I don't think that is a problem, I want to remember that is something with the timing, but radials I think, got always an odd number of cylinders.
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    Jewelers Loupe usage tips

    I am a goldsmith and I use this all the time, I think that is not expensive and freehand, there are more expensive and better solutions look for Galilean glasses. http://www.doneganoptical.com/products/optivisor
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    What WW2 hardware would you save?

    I will love to play with an 8.8 FLAK or the anti tank version.
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    How to bend 4 mm miniature aluminium pipe correctly into a circle?

    You will need a longer piece that the one you will need bend in that shape, if not the ends will be very difficult to get close to the circumference. Fill it with something sand, sugar, salt... and close the ends. Try to do like an spiral around a mandrill with the appropriate diameter, a...
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    Cad cam alternatives

    I used Inventor and it is very good but not cheap, Rhinoceros is not a real 3D design for mechanical but it is "easy" to learn and to use it for 3d printing. I have the Formlabs Form2 and I am very happy with it, It is not expensive for the quality and it is easy to use, It can use different...
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    A source for music wire

    I bough mine in Ebay, they are longer rolls and you will find almost any diameter. Like they said look for piano wire.
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    replacement lathe parts

    Hi, I can speak in Spanish and try to help you with the English language if you need it. Here I am going to write the same in Spanish. Hola, puedo hablar en Español e intentar ayudarle con el ingles si lo necesita. \
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    Need to build a boiler for a project

    What will be your substitute for the asbestos?
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    3d printing sub forum?

    I am the owner of a Form 2 from Formlabs. I am very happy with it. They printed a photographic camera lens included. Autodesk had Ember system, software and hardware plans are open source.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    WHAT A BEAUTY!!!! I have been following the creation of this jewel and it amazes me, thank you for sharing this process, documentation and your great work! waiting for the sound.
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    Metric lathes in the US

    Sherline has metric lathes and mills. Don't talk about the imperial or metric system :fan: it is too dangerous in an American forum. I think that the metric system is far superior and easy to handle. USA Army, NIH, NASA, etc anyone that need serious measures use it. LMAO :hDe:
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    Guessing games...

    It is used to bright cut lines with a diamond cutting tool... very high velocity. It is possible to do it by hand too. The cuts look very bright and with a little diamond set in the middle of the different "start" cuts, it looks like a bigger one. Used in "cheap" jewelry.
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    Hi there from Spain

    "Bienvenido" Welcome for another Spaniard. I am originally from Spain but I live in the USA.
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    New Member looking for advice, DC

    Hi, Henri. I live in the DC area, I will be really interested if you find something of this in the area. I think that something like the Sherline lathes and mills will not be a problem in an apartment.
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    :) I will go with something more like 800 C or 850 C.