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    Drills in a collet chuck

    I don't know how you get these messages but I get a daily digest and this thread has 21 posts and no pointers at all.
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    Optical center punch formula

    Issue 1 of Model Engineers' Workshop has an article on building an optical center punch which may help.
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    A Really, Really Good Book on Engine Building

    August and September 2021 issues of Model Engineers' Workshop has a rotary table build. I believe they had another one in the past. I will look through my back issues.
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    "Yesterdays Forum Activity"

    I have not received a "Yesterdays Forum Activity" since December 5. Is this on purpose or is there a problem ? I see it is still checked in my settings to get it. HWF
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    Anybody recognise this ?

    Thank you very much. I will track down a copy of the plans or book easier with this info. HWF
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    Anybody recognise this ?

    I found this in a box of old papers and scanned and cleaned it up the best I could. I may have a lead on a lead to the full drawings but figured if it was something common somebody here would know. HWF