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    How can I find a good home for my father's steam engine

    It might fetch 200-800 €, sometimes a bit more depending. Any end user buyer probably wants if for the actual historical presence .. it´s not a mechanical tool. Higher prices may exist, but these are from people alive able to defend their designs and the safety and engineering behind the stuff...
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    Build my own milling machine

    I´m possibly the worlds leading expert on "building a milling machine" ... having spent around 18000 hours and about 16 years at it, mostly near full time. My current gear is worth about 100.000 € as insurance replacement value, and for about the 12th time "I´m real close now..". Grin. The...
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    Lathe Alignment

    Everything depends on everything. If one has a test bar with taper, or a near perfect steel cylinder, all sorts of verifications become easy. MT builders and support engineers spend little time on checking the mechanicals, because they have the tools to do so efficiently.
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    Leaded steel

    I have welded lots of 12l14 parts .. and it is technically semi-weldable -- aka can be done but won´t be good, pretty or structurally 100% sound (in theory). Heavy heat works better. My parts are massive, like 30x100 mm sections 2 m long. 7018 rod is better than 6011. Thicker rod is better...
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    from scratch cnc ?s

    A pc for running the machine is trivial with a motion control card like csmio for mach3/4 or mesa for linuxcnc. Any pc will work fine. Making real, detailed, large, assemblies in any cad is another matter. The models are huge, and you really need a proper graphics card. A second hand nvidia is...
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    Lathe Brake

    I have a different but related observation . fwiw .. if its worth anything. I got my ac servo spindle drive to run about 10 months ago. Via timing belts - very good, rigid, wide, powerful timing belts at 1:3 transmission. The mounts are 30 mm thick tool steel members, and about 30-40 kg in...
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    Another Cam Grinder

    Absolutely ! You are using geometric scaling. All machines, more or less, use the same ideas, to get better precision, resolution, repeatability and accuracy. The same, even better, is common and used on modern cnc machines. The support guide blocks are relatively far away from each other. Say...
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    My Machines and other bits

    Fabulous work ! One of the best-ever examples of mechanical art (non cnc) self built - anywhere. It partly resembles many of the early fabricated/bolted lathes I saw in the Paris mechanical arts museum, last spring 2016. Musee Arts Metiers. How did You get the gib plate straight/flat/true ? Or...
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    Bazmak-Making a turret/capstan for the minilathe

    Fantastic thread and great work !
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    New workshop

    You will get the same stuff much cheaper from Bangkok in thailand. In lathes, the 12x heavy series and up, are what You want. If you have money, try to get one with a VFD + 3 phase motor. Sunrise and Cromwell tools thailand are 2 that came up immediately. Everyone in bangkok speaks english...
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    Optimum TU2907 Lathe

    Optimum/Quantum are nicer-packaged low priced chinese stuff. I bought some, says made in china on box, quality was poor. One 1000€ drill press, one alu xy table.
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    Opinions on Amadeal cj18a

    The warco comment is good and true .. but twice the money. Comparing the Amadeal AMA180V / 60 kg 450W == similar to the Warco / 70 kg / 600 W at == 800 £. What You really, really, really want to stretch to, at 105 kg, is the bench lathe from Amadeal, the AMA240V...
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    Setting up Shop Questions - from an NZ learner

    I really wish someone had a set they would donate. I would cut off the spine, and run them through our scanner into very-high-quality PDFs at 300 dpi. And very small. The super-duper scanner we have for work, has a hardware processor to compress PDFs in near real time. At 100 pages per minute...
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    Uni-Vertical mill

    I cut-off and ER40 collet body with inserts. Hardened ballscrews machine easily with ccmt 21.51 inserts. I would think you can easily turn the shaft.
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    split bearing

    0.95£ online, in the UK.