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    Does longer lathe ways have any disadvantage

    "Sorry but that is not a point of discussion" Frequently my sentiments exactly, but as for the lathe bed . . . in the USA, where then and now the live steam population contains a fair percentage of members with industrial backgrounds, and who also build in 7"+ga, the quick advice is always...
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    HP DesignJet 750C Plus Plotter - Configuring

    Sorry all, to be so long in responding, it's been busy around here and frankly I forgot I had asked this question. There hasn't been an urgency since I'm not plotting much lately. John- I am presently using Autocad LT97, although in the past (as an architect) I've used everything from...
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    Machining a flywheel

    Your chuck jaw flats should be plenty accurate enough to hold the wheel rim close enough that you can't see any runout, but if the jaws are not coplanar, or that's not accurate enough for you, there is another way. If there is enough space between the back of the wheel and the chuck to get the...
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    Lathes in Australia

    Have you ever heard of F. W. Hercus Pty Ltd? They are an Australian company which for decades made lathes which were copies of the old South Bend 9" and 10" lathes. http://www.lathes.co.uk/hercus/ That could be an option.
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    Toolpost Grinder

    No, and I wouldn't suggest that it should. Jerry, that's about my experience. I also think a TPG (or surface grinder) can present the temptation to start grinding things which have no need of grinding, just grinding for its own sake. Whether that is, or isn't, a good thing I can't judge for...
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    Toolpost Grinder

    An old hand at the oldest machine shop in my area told me once that the old toolroom grinders wouldn't use new machines with rolling (ball, etc) bearings if they could help it. They claimed they could see the bearing "tracks" left in the work. They preferred the older plain bearing machines...
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    Toolpost Grinder

    More truth to that than you know . . . to make it more truthful we should probably change the $200 to a $500. :o
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    Half scale ME Beam

    Dave, No problem at all, I keep them in a text file for just such occasions.
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    Toolpost Grinder

    I have one of the little Dumore 14 TP grinders. It was virtually new but it came to me missing belts and wheels. I found belts but after a little searching Dumore was the only source I could find for wheels, and as I recall they were very costly. Since at that time TP grinding wasn't a...
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    Lodge Cast Iron

    Tin, In the last 10 years I've gotten to know several members of the Lodge family, all as nice a group of folks as you'd ever want to meet, and in fact I am within 20 miles of the South Pittsburg foundry as I write this. The only problem I have with them is, they won't pour cylinders or...
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    First loco build

    Yes, and will never end (unless I decide to end it.) Coming soon I must design an outside admission Walschearts valve gear from scratch and there are something like 57 potential variables in such a gear. Talk about learning curve! Certainly many of them are predetermined but even with the...
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    Half scale ME Beam

    Hi Pete, This is going to be an interesting project and it's just a beautifully designed and proportioned engine. Nothing to be afraid of . . one part at a time . . umm, well in this case four parts at a time. Dave, I don't know if this will be of help but I've just recalled I do have some...
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    Anybody here from Muscle Shoals, Alabama?

    I may be the closest one, but even so I'm 2+ hrs away. What in the world is bringing you to Muscle Shoals from Swaziland?
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    First loco build

    The top one is slide valve. The valve chest cover and screws can just be made out and if you look closely you can see the parting line between the cylinder block and the valve chest. But I also know this from another indicator, for slide valves (outside admission) the radius rod connects to...
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    Half scale ME Beam

    Dave, No, I'm afraid I don't have more information on this particular model that this.