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    ER32 collet chuck holder stuck in spindle

    Hi Craig, Use a big copper and hide hammer, also known as a Birmingham screw driver. Works wonders.
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    retiring to machinist

    Always buy separate lathe and mill and try to look at second hand machine tools. I purchased a used Colchester Bantam 2000 lathe from one of my customers who was moving his manufacturing facility to China. I serviced all the companies air compressors and when I said that I was looking for a...
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    Chemotherapy just new challenge for building

    Good Luck, hope it all goes well.
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    I look forward to getting together when all this trouble is over. Regards, Graham T.
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    Hi Dick G, What Number Dewlands Road ? Regards, Graham T.
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    Newbie from Newfoundland!!

    If I want bits of sheet, rod or bar I have found that the local manufacturing factories are very helpful, have a chat with the managers or shop foremen and ask if you can have a rake through their scrap bins. Have found many real gems in these bins. See if you can get bar ends that are colour...
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    Hi Graham, I have a Colchester Bantam 2000 which is about the same size as your Master. I would be interested in seeing how you converted the machine to CNC. I decided to bite the bullet and bought myself a new Yamaha Niken motorcycle. Got a great deal on the m/c. as the dealer wanted to up...
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    Hi Dick, You are right, not such a small town any more. Have lived in Verwood for about 30 years and it has grown at a rate that you have to see to believe. I live in Woodlinken Drive, 49, and although I'm well over retirement age I'm still working. The motorbike is a Yamaha Niken 850cc, the...
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    Hello from Somerset, UK.

    Happy New Year to you all. I'm in a little town called Verwood in Dorset so not a million mile from all of you. At the moment i'm building a Stuart Turner Major Beam engine and having fun with the valve shaft bearings. Next time I decide to take a "skim" off the top of the bearing I must make...
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    Hi Goldstar, I heard a story on Radio 4 many years ago about "Izal" medicated toilet paper. The company that made it started out by making coke for smelting steel. What was left over was coal tar and the chemist in their lab noticed that if a worker got a cut or other injury rubbed the coal tar...
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    Welcome to the history room

    Hi Norman, Many years ago, and I mean many years, my mother, bless her soul, sat me down and gave me a stack of books. I suddenly found that I loved reading and over the years have read many hundreds of books. From Dennis Wheatley to John Wyndham. When I was at the tender age of about 10 I...
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    Welcome to the history room

    It's a pity about the guinea pigs and their loss to your grandchildren, as for the rich, well the rich get richer and the poor get poorer as the old song goes. I see that Sir Philip Green has at last lost his empire, but I bet that he won't loose his yachts or his billions, and sod the workers...
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    Welcome to the history room

    What a wonderful example of devine twaddle and a possible start of the first chapter of a sequel to that excellent book "1066 and all that".
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    Welcome to the history room

    Loved playing the Alto and Tenner sax but unfortunately developed severe arthritis in my left wrist and it was agony to support the instrument so to avoid temptation I sold both instruments. Since then I have had an operation on the wrist and the surgeon have removed the trapizoid bone and...
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    Welcome to the history room

    Tubal Cain, the first artificer in metals, and Hiram Abif, and the Temple in Jerusalem. Regards, W.Bro. Graham T.