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    Holiday in Spain - Model Engineering?

    I live here in Fuengirola (between Marbella and Torremolinos),and although the economy is weak at the moment (as are many other countries), Kevin's outlook is rather bleak, it is not that bad, but generally speaking Spain is decades behind the techno age. To answer the original post, no I don't...
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    I agree with Chuck. Gordon
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    Still don't see it, mine shows, Show printable version, Email this page, Unsubscribe from this thread, add a poll to this thread. That is all Gordon
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    Yes, I see the "Thread Tools " button, but where is the thread read button?
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    I'd like to reply that I don't see any button to click to say that a thread has been read. If this facility is there could you please explain? Am I the only one? Thanks Gordon
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    No, I mean general threads
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    How does one mark a message as read as in the previous incarnation of this site? Thanks Gordon
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    $10 IKEA LED machine light

    Malaga,Spain: http://www.ikea.com/es/es/catalog/products/50163202 Gordon
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    Buying a milling machien

    I bought mine from them, a good company to deal with. I am very pleased with mine, others may offer their opinions. Gordy
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    Greetings from a new SCHSM'er.

    wEc1 Bolster Regards Gordy
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    wEc1 Jim Regards Gordy
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    Hi from italy

    wEc1 Gamma Nice models Regards Gordy
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    from arkansas

    wEc1 John Regards from Spain Gordy
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    Hi from Montana

    wEc1 to the forum Lamachina58 Regards Gordy
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    Hi Dan & wEc1 Regards from Sunny Spain Gordy