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    Need some help with a PMR #5 Bottle Engine

    I made one of those a few years ago and was a bit stumped with the same problem, it's a bit of a "catch 22" situation starting that engine frame and I'm sure that the model was designed specifically to tax ones grey matter (there's more to come after that stage ,as Im sure you've noticed!) in...
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    I have some very old books that were my fathers and I found 4 36 in one of the tables, it gives the OD as .110 . Giles
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    Anyone in Hackney, London?

    I'm away from home at the moment in Hackney, is there anyone near here who might have some very small taps and a suitable screw to fix an expensive and well loved pair of glasses?, as I can't find any old school opticians or watchmakers here, a bit off topic I know but thought it worth a try...
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    rube goldberg thing

    thought some of you might appreciate this! Giles
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    Lost part

    Douglas Adams (sadly not with us anymore) of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books describes a portal where odd socks, biros and teaspoons slip through to end up on a distant planet somewhere all together, Im sure that a lot of small parts end up there too! Giles
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    IC Engine castings

    I don't know what engine it is but if you haven't seen this site, they seem very specialized and also seem to be in Oz Giles
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    Lost part

    I dropped a small gear wheel while standing by my bench a couple of years ago,I looked everywhere for it also a friend came round at that point and helped, I even tried dropping a similar sized piece on the floor but it just stayed exactly where it landed without rolling off somewhere! anyway...
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    Are there kits for marine engines?

    A little off this topic here but the ministeam site has some nice stuff, check out the vid at the top of this page: Giles
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    guitar playing machine

    I was in Bath, UK today and saw this busker playing a violin and this machine with his feet! ,I thought to myself, I bet he made that himself!,as I've never seen anything like it, unfortunately I didn't have much time and he was surrounded by people otherwise I would have quizzed him about it...
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    Christmas gifts and learning how to hand turn!

    Sorry! I'd forgotten about Holly, which is in fact the whitest and very dense, almost like boxwood but whiter!, I don't know about American holly but I imagine that it must be very similar, if you have a holly tree near you, you can cut off a branch 1,1/2"-2" in diameter, cut to 6" lengths ,peel...
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    Christmas gifts and learning how to hand turn!

    Great work there! cocobolo comes from Costa-Rica and is a type of rosewood (Dalbegia species ,called rosewood because when you cut it, smells like roses) it's one of my favorite woods!, beautiful to turn, almost like brass, other nice woods to use for pens, knife handles etc. are ebony, boxwood...
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    Arnold's take on Elmer's Tiny

    Hi Arnold, great idea for the heatsink for soldering the pivot pin, when I made my tiny, I may have mentioned in another post, Elmer says in his plans to make a close fitting ally rod so the solder doesn't run into the cylinder, I did that and must have heated it a little too much, as the rod...
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    Elmer's Tiny

    piano wire is good as it is high carbon steel an ca be anealed, thats what I used Giles
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    Elmer's Tiny

    here's mine the only problem I had was soldering the pivot pin. Elmer says to turn up a close fitting bit of ally to stop the solder going into the bore, I must have got it too hot as I couldn't get it out again, so I had to bore it out sligtly larger and make a new piston, the pin promtly fell...
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    Got one to run !

    Well done Mel!! looks great, I'd like see some pics of your gear hob too! Giles