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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    I put copper gasket in Amazon search and got many hits
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    LTD Stirling

    Go to a electric motor repair/rewind shop tell them what you want they may give/sell you a brush large enough to get a piston out of or in my case 10 pistons. Gary
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    LTD Stirling

    I built one years ago the power piston is graphite in an acrylic cylinder seems to work.. the displacer shaft is just a hole in long (1 inch) acrylic, brass shaft. Runs best on a bowl of ice. (Built from a photo)
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    Building the Trevithick engine

    Brian i am also guilty of lurking and not saying anything. Just enjoying each ride. Please don't stop. Gary
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    gmail and proton mail

    Longtime gmail user. I get no mail except what I have subscribed to, or from known addresses in my contact list. 0 complaints.
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    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    I have tried all of the suggestions that I have found here. None have helped. I use two different android boxes using up to date versions, neither will stay logged in. Gary
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    Thumper--a 1 3/8" bore i.c. engine

    There are opportunities to learn every where.
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    Sideshaft i.c. Horizontal engine

    I have use a system like this but with a countersink on a 1/8 mandrel. Worked great Gary.
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    Brian does Ridders flame eater

    Brian Try a fabric or upholstery supply shop they should have a selection of cotton cord for making piping in upholstery. Gary
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    Electrical question-blade welder

    Don't try to run it on 220V. You need a transformer 220V in and 440V out. 10 amps at 440V equals 20 amps at 220V.
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi from High River
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    Lathe shaver??

    Google apple peeler is that what you want to do?
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    id lathe

    I bought felts and springs and an overhaul book for my 9 inch SB on the bay Gary
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    Buzz Saw

    Holy living in a padded room Batman!!
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    Swager design

    How about this. Gary http://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/topages/swagingtool.php?clickkey=4330