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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

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    Maximat 7 Lathe

    Electronic speed control on a small lathe with short duration may well be OK but I would be concerned about the motors cooling on a long job. CVT thought DAF did that in the 60s or at least I remember a few swearing lessons changing the belts Nothing new just reworked re badge re branded and...
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    Many Edgar J. Westbury plans available

    He worked under Barns Wallace but who was the better engineer .Although the R100 may have had some influence on that matter Shute used his full name in engineering matters but left his last name out when writing as he thought it may undermine his engineering credibility Not well up on modern...
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    Oil Pull tractor

    I have just been asking the same question on the Model Engineer and was directed to Smoke Stack forum there is a bit of info but only a bit Les Proper has one on his youtube channel My idea was to use a flame gulper as per Les but in a larger scale to compliment my Stirling tractor Guess i will...
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    tube pump

    You are welcome This site has some exploded views
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    tube pump

    The tube is usually held in location by the inlet and outlet fittings You can also get a three roller version Have a look for MILK pumps or Dairy milk line cleaning pumps or Coffee machine milk pumps I know Faema and the Swiss Egro machines used them...
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    My first boiler

    A nice boiler and for its purpose more than adequate Lets be honest if efficiency was a concern a simple pot boiler would not be my choice Steam dryers can be useful although simple oscillators run better on wet steam I doubt very much that many models reach super heated steam temps and if they...
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    Leaky Check Valve

    Just use a nitrile ball saves all the hassle First use a steel ball of the same size give it a biff with a guided punch or just let a centre drill kiss the edge. The through hole is better reamed not drilled Ideally the seat is coned upwards so that in use any dirt falls away from the seat Iv...
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    Boring 6" (150mm) deep .

    4 jaw and a fixed steady
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    Loading quill bearings

    I replaced the bearings on my RF25 several years ago. I took up all the play turning the shaft as I adjusted the nuts then just gave it about 10 degrees more .Refitted the quill assy and let it run for a good half hour checking things were not getting hot The nuts on my mill are junk with more...
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    Baby Grand lathe

    Some info on this site
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    Spring mandrel size

    Thanks for the link Chuck There is some useful info on making springs on Deans site
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    wanted copper tube

    At the top of the page just to the right of youre user name.Click on the envelope and use Start New Conversation option cheers
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    Drilling and tapping carriage for rear tool post

    Another fan of the U shaped parting blades,Used them for many years in a rear tool post the cantilever version that over hangs the cross slide to give more room between the tooling
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    Free plans for a larger, simpler, beam engine

    Hi Norm, It was Russia although the story is false I remember the ship yards in Berwick I though sheep south of the border looked worried not short legged My family had a few distant relatives who met a grizzly end .A misunderstanding over sheep, cows and women they borrowed from the English...