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    Software in the cloud

    Well gentlemen having read through the the thread my poor singular brain cell is fully overloaded The only thing I know about clouds are they are full of precipitate and sooner or later you are going to get peed on Not a new idea just have a look for the Waste Makers book Keep well n safe frazer
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    Stirling engine helicopter

    I built the same one as Huib. From memory the drawings are German and metric I altered the hot cap for a better seal and made the body a bit longer for better cooling Also used ball bearing instead of bushes They are good fun The drawing are on this site http://zeamon.com/wordpress/?p=733
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    Problems with Steel

    The way I was shown at Smiths was to use an eye glass and a spade drill bit in an Archimedes drill to spot the hole The hole would be near sized after drilling with a cutting broach and finished with the polishing broach on brass to harden the hole We had to make the drill bit first. Now I use...
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    Steam Engine kit or plans

    Hi Minh Thanh, its not finished although I did post the engine on here The burner runs on Butane gas The engine is a single double acting engine with a self start cheers
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    PYRTE Traction engine nearing comletion, but back to te beginning

    To make an adaptor why not simply go to a tyre shop and beg an old valve assy and silver solder it to a 1/4 x40 blanking plug As mentioned do a hydro test first A simple way immerse the boiler in water expel all air and fit the last blanking plug Get a bucket of cold water Gently heat the...
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    Steam Engine kit or plans

    Try a post on Model Boat mayhem, there are a couple of guys with a lot more knowledgeable on the larger stuff and they maybe able to answer the conundrum before it becomes expensive . The new boat is just my lock down project using up bits of scrap that have been lying around for far too long...
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    Steam Engine kit or plans

    5/8 by 5/8 It is a good little engine with plenty of power for its size. You may need to double up for youre boat T Publishing sell a couple of the old Percival Marshall books building model steamers and machinery for model steamers.In these books are some rough and ready formula to calc the...
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    Trying to align an old Lathe

    A wee bit of history. When the ML4 was new very few toy makers would own micrometers and would simply use calipers and split the line on a rule. So the fit was either good or like an arse in a pot. My first lathe didnt have graduations just one line to count the turns To get round the wacky...
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    Steam Engine kit or plans

    I built a V twin using Borderer cylinder casting on a fabricated frame . It used all the dimensions of the original engine just simply using one crank pin for both bigends . These drawings are reasonable and the height could easily be reduced it is a doubled up version by Mr Dewaal. The original...
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    Steam Engine kit or plans

    Maybe a wee bit large and a wee bit pricey Stuart Ninety
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    Myford S7B Bearing

    Thanks for the link, I had forgotten about the conversion I had a Super without a clutch one of the later ones .It may have been specified that way from the factory as I bought it with a few others from the factory liquidation sale I just thought the clutch was an option The cross slide bracket...
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    Myford S7B Bearing

    Yes thats them I kept a note from many moons ago when I had to change them on my previous machine. From memory that aint that good .There are a few versions of the clutch that look the same but they beefed up the bearings and fitted a needle roller bearing in another version of the same idea...
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    Myford S7B Bearing

    73004 double shielded Follow the dire warnings the lugs are very very easily snapped .Yep I found out the hard way thank heavens I for tig cheers
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    Myford S7B Bearing

    My impoverished machine doesna have a clutch. Although Iv got an Ariel Leader one that may be fitted to it easily just cannot be bothered Iv not missed it
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    Model Traction Engine for a Novice!

    Good luck with youre build Minnie is not a quick build by any means compared to the Wells or Myfordboys engines Also the staying for Minnie is a bit questionable as is getting the whole lot squared up cheers