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Worked in the airline industry mainly in operations where you get the first call when things happen, did that for over 30 years, retired now. Have rebuild many classic sports, sports racing and racing cars. Raced cars for 25 years, mainly Brabhams, Lotuses. The earliest car I restored is a 1959 Lotus Eleven and the latest a 1968 Brabham. When I bought my mill to complement my wonderful lathe I searched around for something to learn how to use it and the result was I made my first model diesel, a BollAero 18 and it became a passion from then on, the latest - the Holly Buddy twin will be the 17th diesel I have made. I was extremely fortunate to get to know David Owen and he mentored me in the early times of building model diesels. Like most of us I guess I am self taught, give it a go and if it don't work out work out why it didn't and try again.
Sylvania, Sydney Australia