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    Cast an inline 4 engine block with plaster mold

    Very impressive, well done.
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    53kg steel bar to be machined for a hoist center pin

    I thought members might like to see my attempts to machine a 53kg bar of 400 series steel for a center pin for a hoist. The hoist will be used to lift diving equipment and other trial underwater equipment to a Dive Tank platform. The Dive Tank is 4.5 m high by 3.5 m diameter. Returning to the...
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    Deburr aluminium thin sheet

    I have used Noga tools for more than 45years and have found to be first rate products. In fact I have two deburring tools which I bought in Israel in 1984 and they work just as well when I first bought them. I also bought lathe threading tools which still work perfectly. I machine anything...
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    Complete Model Engineering Shop

    I am so sorry to learn of your medical condition. I wish you every best wish for your health and hope you will still post your words of wisdom for us all to learn from.
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    Up in pun intended.

    Every best wish for a safe operation and speedy recovery.
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    Up in pun intended.

    Very interesting post. That is a new one to me. The question is, why would somebody be grinding aluminium on a wheel? The only fire which I know about and was non work related was in the UK some 50 years ago. Where somebody used a 9 volt battery in contact with wire wool. That set off a nice...
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    In my shop if you leave a key in the chuck you are fired. Very simple and plain to understand.
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    Hello from Southwest OHIO

    Fantastic work, my full praise.
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    Soft copper tubing?

    Something new to me. Used sand to bend aluminium tubing but never salt. Being finer it should result in much more even forms. Thank you.
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    Refractory cement

    Hi Willy, we are going for a 1:3 mix but that could change once we see the perlite size. We will do a few tests before the final mixture.
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    Problems with face cutting on lathe, wavy pattern

    Not sure if this will help or hinder. I was machining some Delrin plates and had a similar pattern to yours. I had been machining manually but changed to auto on the slowest feed I could and reduced the speed to about 350 rpm. They came out perfect.
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    Refractory cement

    Thank you very much. I will go for the Fire Clay and Perlite.
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    Refractory cement

    From most articles and posts I have read the usual material is Fire Cement and Perlite but I have also seen reference to a Plaster and Sand mix. My construction will uses 44 gal drum so the requirement quantity is quite large. Where I am located cement is about 1$ a Kg and Perlite is about...
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    Snow Engine

    The only word I can think of to describe this beautiful weapon is "Outstanding" and I am jealous.
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    Bouncing mills and other scary stuff....

    I recall some years ago melting aluminium in a ceramic flask. I started to smell burning rubber and looked down to see I was standing in a molten flow of aluminium. Never moved so fast in my life. Will never use ceramic flasks anymore only cast iron.