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    Rainhill lubricators

    Can anyone tell me whether the lubricator on the steamchest is a plain pot for oil or is it more involved Thanks Don
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    Rainhill lubricators

    This is What im after https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/attachments/734946e8-80f3-4b8c-b2c4-9b33e3725da6-jpeg.112048/?temp_hash=7a63111d32a60769b2aa45e23fdc6e59 don
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    Rainhill lubricators

    Thanks for that but the ones ive seen are just round pieces on top of the steam chest Don
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    Rainhill lubricators

    Hi,i am building an lbsc rainhill and would like to use ,lubricators on the steam chests,i have seen pictures of them but have no idea of the construction,could anyone enlighten me,perhaps a drawing maybe Thanks Don
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    How do you keep going on a long project like Lady Stephanie Beam Engine

    Glad you mentioned the state of the plans fron reeves Jennifer as i was going to order a set,how bad are they please Don
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    New Old enginer

    I ment from a browser Don
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    New Old enginer

    Welcome to a browser Don
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    What WW2 hardware would you save?

    The SLR 7.62 rifle .I used to love shooting for my pay,it was so accurate. Don
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    Broach bushings

    Yes,steel everytime
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    Milling clamp for South Bend lathe, what do I do?

    The only problem i can see with the set up you have is the amount of overhang you have,if some support could be made to go under the fixed part of the slide it would be a lot better Don
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    Info on Maino Perego Olympic lathe

    I would say that the hydraulic power pack had nothing to do with the lathe,not Even the same colour though it has the same name and I would say it is to big for a copy attachment
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    anybody know what this came off of?

    Yes ,I would say it is of a radial drill
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    Traction engine gift

    Yea,that's why I did it 😄 has anyone got any ideas about it please Don
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    Traction engine gift

    http://www.homemodelenhttp://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=90253&stc=1&d=1501261766ginemachinist.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=90252&stc=1&d=1501261766 I think ive done it but 1 upside down ,thanks for all your help Don
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    Traction engine gift

    Hi ,what is the name is the site again,can't find direct thru on google Don