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    How to create a female taper thread?

    Hi Select the proper drill and crank the NPTsp in until the plug for the same taped hole goes in to the right depth. I do know the bigger pipe taps do better with a tapered hole drill. Dennis
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    Parting tool chatter

    Hi You also might do a hone with a diamond stone on the cut off tool. It helped me in one instance. You also might be able to make a jack to support the toolon your carriage. Good Luck Dennis
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    Gaging the market - Casting for the Sun-Planet Engine for Sale

    I would be interested if the plans come with. Thanks Dennis
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    A VFD is a good way to go. Any three phase motor can work. If the motor is rated for electronic controls it will work much better. If not the motor can be noisy. Do the research and pick the pulley sizes for the range you really need. better a little on the slower top speed. Remember the chucks...
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    Trevithick's Dredger boiler

    You might be able to copy/ adapt a bernsomatic torch design. They used to have a large torch head, about 1: in diameter. Keith Appleton on you tube has a number of vids about making, adapting gas burners in small boilers. He uses torch types and ceramics depending. His is a good source of info...
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    Problems with face cutting on lathe, wavy pattern

    Hi You might look at how close the tool tip is to the hold down bolt. Closer is better. Less leverage. I have seen this type of tool flexibility in my 9 x 20 enco. The tool geometry will have an effect too. If it digs in and tips toward the work you will get odd finishes. These small lathes are...
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    Should I buy this?

    Since the swiss originator of the Multifix system is out of business there are two makers now. I think the EBay seller is the Chinese maker. They are supposed to be pretty good. There is a German maker now too. I have been looking for the link. I don't remember the name THe german maker is...
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    Need help with pricing!

    Hi I am interested in the height gage, the first pic. Let me know what you want for it. I can paypal you if in my range. dkwflight (A) hotmail (dot ) com Thanks Dennis
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    Myford ML4 Spindle bearings

    You should look at this material. It may be better than bronze for spindle bearings http://www.cipcomposites.com/ Dennis
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    AL51G belt running off

    Hi Something to keep in mind. I thought the clutch was slipping and finaly found after a while the belt had lost some teeth. The belt was pretty old I think but sometimes things can be missleading. Good luck De3nnis
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    AL51G belt running off

    Hi I have an enco 9 x 20 lathe. It uses the 5mm 710 and 730mm belts. I think they are too small for the loads. If the pulleys and tensioner are in line you will not have any trouble with the belts staying on, most of the time. I find in some grooves/ ratios the belt will be very loose, The 710...
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    here are a few of my ( maybe ) stupid questions

    Hi I don't think any one mentioned overheating. If the parts are over heated the solder won't flow and stick. I used to watch my Dad do solder pipe joints and the finish was a wipe down with a damp rag. I have seen small jobs wiped with w wet brush, same idea. The fix for an over heated joint...
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    3D printed gear

    Little machine shop gear set. LMS ids in the US. https://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=1523&category= Amadeal in the UK sels a version of the mini lathe Warco also
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    3D printed gear

    Hi Perhaps some one could run off a 3D gear for you in AU? What gears are you looking for? Dennis
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    Horsepower pony or clydesdale horses

    Hi You have been talking about the old standard for a horse power. As a kid my Dad tried to explain the differences. he talked a bit about SAE hp. So long ago I don't remember much of the conversation.