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    Is It Hot There?

    This is the weeked the NHRA fellows show up at our local track, the wife and I deciced to go yesterday to watch( her idea, not mine ). It was hotter than a titainium clutch can after a 4 second pass. I don't know what the actual temp was but it was hot. Lots of sunblock and bottled water kept us...
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    Dave's twin

    I still need to modify the pistons yet, but I took a pic of all the components that are finished up to this point. I think I have everything made that will allow this thing to run. Still need a base to mount it to though. The base won't be anything special until it runs and then it will get...
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    a nice mystery metal find

    I keep a sample of each material I use that is marked as to type. These samples can be touched to a grinding wheel to see the kind of spark they generate. The mystery metal can then be sparked and the sparks can be compared to the sample metals for identification. Try it once in low light...
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    Motorcycle engine ideas

    Building an engine of your own design is a very rewarding adventure. I highly recommend it. If you are capable of drawing and understand the basics of engine design, give it a try. I have been looking at what is available for pistons on e-bay. You can buy pistons with rings and wrist pins for as...
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    Needle roller bearing tolerances/fit

    HI Picclock, few things I have learned about neeedle roller bearings over the yrs. The shaft that the rollers run on should be at least RC 56 - 58. Chrome shafts don't last as the chrome will fatique. Full compliment needle rollers work best in high load slow moving applications. Needle rollers...
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    A quick check we did with case hardened parts was to cut a section and polish it. Then the surface was treated to a sulfuric acid bath and the acid would etch the metal. The difference in hardness would show up a different shade that could be measured to find the depth of the case hardening. Dave
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    Posting on my twin build about finishing with sandpaper got me to thinking about when I was an apprentice. We apprentices got to spend a few months in the metalurgy dept where I worked. We were a bearing manufacturer that used many types of steels in our bearings. We did our own heat treating...
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    Dave's twin

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you are enjoying it. With aluminum I use sharp tools made from hi-speed steel and steady feed. I hone my tools with a stone after grinding to shape. The naked eye can't tell if your tools are sharp or not, at least mine can't. Normally no sandpaper with al. after turning...
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    Dave's twin

    Its been too long since I've posted any progress, I spent some time in the shop the last couple of days and made the 2 crank pins. These were made from a piece of 6AL 4V titanium I bought from the scrap man a few years ago. It doesn't machine that bad, slow speeds and proper feeds with sharp...
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    Materials for pistons

    I'm with George and Bill on using al. for pistons. The clearance between piston and cyl wall should be dictated by how warm the engine will be when up to temperature. Air cooled engines sometimes will run hotter than liquid cooled engines. 6061 al. has an expansion rate twice that of steel or...
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    Mounting white oxide wheels on an arbor

    Hi Chuck, you didn't say what size wheels you are using so I will make some assumptions. Your idea for washers should be fine, just make them thick enough so they won't distort when tightening. Proper practice is to place paper blotters between the washers and the wheel on both sides. These can...
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    Absolutely awesome Pete. It has a very nice sound to it. Nice job on the build and thank you for posting it,Dave
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    "How to Build model Engines" the Book

    One of my favorite books is LC Masons Model 4-Stroke Petrol Engines. It is no longer in print but can be found used. I have been into this hobby since the year 2000 and I have tried to collect all the info in print that I can. There isn't alot out there to be had. There are a few reprints of...
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    Great job Pete. They always take a little tweaking but the first run is the best no matter how long it is. I've enjoyed this one alot. Thanks for sharing, Dave
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    An Upshur Farm Engine (first I.C.)

    Tim, I am enjoying your build of one of Dick Upshur's engines. I only got to know Dick a few years before he passed away and only from talking to him at engine shows. I am sure he would be pleased with your version of his engine. He was a true gentleman and very helpful, at one time he was even...