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    My first engine, a PM research #5

    Very nice. Looking forward to you getting it to run.
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    Craig list find

    Great find.
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    fuel mixture issues. stuart 400 replica build.

    If that is you ;), I do really like your channel. I am sure you will get it running perfectly.
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    fuel mixture issues. stuart 400 replica build.

    Emma, great looking engine. By the way, are you the same "Emma" with the YouTube channel?
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    Wyvern engine Edgar T Westbury

    Impressive. Just working on my 2nd basic engine, and I hope to one day being able to build something like this one.
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    Wizard lathe restoration

    I forgot to ask about it's capabilities. How do you like working with it? I do have a Taig lathe which is pretty small as well (which by the way performs very nicely); but, it does not look as beefy.
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    Wizard lathe restoration

    That's a cool looking little lathe.
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

    Very nice little engine.
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    Atlas Lathe Milling Attachment

    Thread Bump. Still not sold. Price Reduced to $225.00.
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    Select 816 B Lathe Acquired

    John, I was reviewing this thread, and I noted that I neglected to comment on the fact that you were spot on with your assessment of the worn cone pulley bore and as to the bearings 👍. I have been keeping the cone pulley lubed with oil. As I have posted, a bronze bushing was placed in the bore...
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    Thank's, BaronJ. The part I am not fully understanding is whether the base of the tool post rests on the top of the compound, or is it only the adjusting screw that does?
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    Okay. I finally obtained a 2" x 2" x 2.5" piece of mild steel. A machinist that I know just gave it to me. I may just make one that is very basic and in no form or fashion a quick change. Baron, looked at the pictures of your toolpost, again, and am having trouble visualizing how the height...
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    We have 1 metal supplier in the area. Aluminum round stock is easily available there by the foot at very reasonable prices. Problem is, for the steel 2" stock, I had to buy a minimum around 10' (can't recall exact length) length. We do have a scrap yard where I have made some nice finds...
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    Thank's, Baron. Looks like something I would like to make. That is very generous of you to offer to make a drawing for me; but, it is not necessary at this time. I have made a tool post, but not quick change, for a 6" Craftsman I once had. I wanted to make another, larger, for the current...
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    Rocker Style vs. QCTP

    Here you go.