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    Stuart Twin Launch

    Very nice engine and a great set of comments on the build. Thanks for sharing.
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    Project of the Month of July

    Great job, well deserved.
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    Another Radial - this time 18 Cylinders

    Thanks for the excellent discussion on valves and valve lapping.
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    My latest projects - Beam Engine and Webster

    Very nice engines, thanks for sharing them.
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    Water Cooled Webster

    I think you need to make the tool holder a magnet too.
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    Silver Bullet Build

    Great engine, thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Ridders Coffee Cup Stirling

    I'm enjoying watching your build, thanks for sharing it.
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    Clutch motor

    A larger wire won't cause a loss of power. In theory only, you could see a slight increase in motor power. Course in this case the increase would be so slight as to be considered zero.
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    Project of the month of May 2014

    Congratulations! Great looking engine.
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    Kerzel Hit and Miss

    Really enjoying your build. Thanks for taking the time to share it.
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    Double-Acting Twin Beam Engine Build

    Simply beautiful.
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    Aveling Road Roller.

    Interesting build. And the work you have done looks excellent. I will definitely be watching. Thanks for sharing.
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    Single Point Threading Help

    One problem I had that I have not seen mentioned was figuring out the proper diameter before I started threading. I was leaving the blank to large and after threading it would just start but never got beyond a full thread. As other's have said persevere.
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    December Project of the Month

    Congratulations! A fine model.
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    "Experiences & Tips" Stirling and Flame-Eater models

    Thanks for letting me see all those beautiful engines and for your words of wisdom on the subject.