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    vacuum for use on a lathe

    I use a small shop vac, with a Dust Deputy cyclone seperator (made by Onieda Air Systems). It goes between the vac and the main pickup hose, drops everything into a 5 gallon bucket, almost nothing makes it to the vac itself. Uses the larger 2" hoses, the smaller 1-1/4" hoses would clog with...
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    Which project for a Sherline mill and lathe

    The headstock on the Sherline lathe also can be rotated 90 degrees so the flywheel would hang off the back of the bed - I used that to turn a large flywheel a couple of times.
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    Lombard Hauler

    Tracks look great!
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    Lombard Hauler

    Nice idea - have to remember that one.
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    Lombard Hauler

    Thanks for putting in the link Kvom - was not sure if it was accepted to link to other sites or not. Ed, any questions I can help with please let me know. I have LOTS of photos of the original machine up in Maine, plus more of my build. I'd be interested to see the jig changes, there are always...
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    Lombard Hauler

    Hi Ed, Thats my model/article in Live Steam magazine, great to see someone working on a Lombard model from it! They are incredible machines, only a handful are still around. I was just up at the logging museum in Maine a few weeks ago when they ran their real one for the weekend, and was...
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    Work hardened brass

    When annealing brass/copper, its the heat that matters, all the quenching does is let you get back to work faster. It does not matter when annealing brass/copper if you quench or just let it air cool.
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    Steam Engine Gaskets

    I do a lot of steam engines, have some sheets of automotive fiber gasket material that works great. It comes in several thicknesses, cuts easy. The normal cardboard and paper stock from envelopes and such tend to be too porous, and you will get leaks running through the paper out to the edge...
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    Watts linkage ratios?

    Check this page - it tells which parts of the linkage need to be same length, etc.
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    Is project of the month DEAD.

    How about all the projects that were completed in the year they posted no new potms, before ythis last few months they finally did some?
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    Milling Problem Solved

    What was the solution?
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    PMR #6 Completed

    VERY nice! th_wav
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    Flywheel Governors for Steam Engines

    Sounds a lot like a hit and miss ic engine setup, pushing on a steam valve rather than tripping the ignition. Can you post a link to the video to give us a look too?
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    MiniRad - Elmers #23 as a 6-Cylinder Radial complete

    Just fixed the video link so it would show up directly in the post.... Thanks to Cogsy for the help on that!
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    MiniRad - Elmers #23 as a 6-Cylinder Radial

    Thanks cogsy!
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