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    ER32 collet chuck holder stuck in spindle

    Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions. I did finally get it out and what did finally work for me was what had been suggested by several. I used a larger "hand sledge" with the 3/4" brass rod (which is the largest diameter I can get into the back of the headstock) and a series of...
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    ER32 collet chuck holder stuck in spindle

    I'm having a silly, but frustrating problem. I have a cheap 7x14 Chinese lathe with a MT3 taper in the spindle and it came with a typical bolt on 3 jaw chuck. Last year I bought an ER32 collet chuck holder for it so I could use collets to hold stock. It wasn't this one, but was similar...
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    Hello from Fargo

    Greetings to a "former Neighbor". I'm originally from about 50 miles east of you in Fergus Falls, MN. Unfortunately, now living out in the east coast in Virginia.
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    Protect part while turning

    So many great suggestions, thanks everyone.
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    Protect part while turning

    What is the go-to method for protecting the finish on a small part when turning it in a lathe. This is mainly when you already worked on one end and then have to flip it in the chuck to work on the other end. I've seen suggestions such as wrapping it in the think aluminum from a cut up soda...
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    Andy, what were you looking for for your "Big Red" mill? I'm up at Lake Anna, VA, so about 250...

    Andy, what were you looking for for your "Big Red" mill? I'm up at Lake Anna, VA, so about 250 miles from you. I'm still trying to become proficient with the mini-lathe, but a small hobby mill is on my "some day" wish list.
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    vacuum for use on a lathe

    What is a good small vacuum to use on a lathe to clean up the chips. Currently I mainly use a whisk broom and our house vacuum which is a good Oreck hand vac. But I know that my wife isn't pleased with me using it this way and I am sure it isn't that good for the vac. It would seem that the...
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    Start Model Engineering

    The old web pages from 2010 can be pulled up by using the "wayback machine": http://web.archive.org
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    metric lathe thread dial request

    It is one of those cheap $500 7x-14 chinese lathes you see all over on eBay. I went through a multi part YouTube series that was posted by the "Aussie Shed" which I found interesting because I have the very same lathe. All the issues he talked about in this series I have on my lathe.
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    metric lathe thread dial request

    Thanks for the replies, they do help and it sounds like I might be making this more complicated than I need to. As to where I am located, it is in rural, central Virginia in the US. One interesting detail about my location, I recently found out that Frank Hoose, the host of mini-lathe.com...
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    metric lathe thread dial request

    I have a cheap Chinese lathe that didn't come with a thread dial. I've been looking at various YouTube videos and want to try and make one similar to what many of these videos show. Most, however, seemed to be based upon an imperial based lathe lead screw. My lead screw has a 1.5 mm thread...
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    New Shop layout - advice sought

    I'm a total newbie, so take any of my comments with a grain of salt. When I retired, my wife and I moved down here to Lake Anna, Virginia. The house we bought had a large (24' x 24') garage that we converted into a shop/work room. Since we weren't going to use it as a garage, we polished the...
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    More questions about my tailstock

    Oops, I did it again, let me try again:
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    More questions about my tailstock

    This becomes more interesting all of the time. :) I'm loading a few more pictures that show my tailstock. It does seem to match the one in the link from LMS. If need be, I can buy that one. I doubt it is worth me trying to pursue anything with that Ebay seller. I do want to follow the...
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    More questions about my tailstock

    My images didn't show, let me try again: And the second one: Hopefully it will work this time. I still nee d to align everything. I have a #2 dead center, but still need to get a #3. Thanks for reading