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    Chuck Runout

    Thats exactly what I mend. Sorry if it was unclear :-\ Regards Jeroen
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    May Project of the Month

    Congratulations Pete, its a true beauty :bow: :bow: :bow: Regards Jeroen
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    Chuck Runout

    Hello Pete, Recently I had a similar issue after mounting a Rohm chuck on a Chinese back-plate. The back-plate was machined on the lathe, this ensures a maximum accuracy. When running at higher RPMs and when using the chuck I had vibrations in the machine and the surface finishing of a test...
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    Building KEN I Rotary broaching tool

    Thanks Les! Using Imovie makes live a little more easy. Regards Jeroen
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    Inverted Hit n Miss engine

    Nice work Chuck! As many others like your projects and work a lot :bow: Related to the head, would it not have been more easy when you first drilled the holes for in and outlet and then make the nice rounded shape? I find it more easy to locate them on a square piece then on a round...
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    Building KEN I Rotary broaching tool

    Thank you for your comment Vince! Ken, special thanks to you for making this tread possible, I really enjoy the tool :bow: Regards Jeroen
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    Kiwi Mk2 Engine

    Hello Vince, Nice work on your Kiwi Engine. :bow: When making the tread, did you move towards or away from the headstock? If you moved towards the headstock, how did you stop the lathe to not crash your tool in the hex bar? With 3mm pitch you have quite a feeding speed... Regards Jeroen
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    Building KEN I Rotary broaching tool

    Took a little bit more then 2 weeks, is quite busy at work and the RC helicopter season has started again. Yesterday I made a storage for the QC tool holders. I collected quite a bit (18 in total) over the years and still I am changing tools in the holders. I believe you will never have enough...
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    Tacchella AU300 universal tool grinder

    I go with Dave ::)
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    April Project of the Month

    Very well done Jason, excellent build and finish quality as usual :bow: :bow: :bow: Congratulations, well deserved honer! Regards Jeroen
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    Overhaul of a 9" SB model "A"

    Still (quietly) following along Dave. Very nice work on your lathe and i am jelous on your scraping skills! Regards Jeroen
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    I stole a lathe!!!

    Nice repair Holt! Must give you satisfaction when things are coming together. Like your oilers too. Regards Jeroen
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    Tacchella AU300 universal tool grinder

    Thanks Dave. And great idea!please do send me your worn out tools, i can use them well since I need to develope some skills in resharpening. I can practice on yours and when I know how to do it I can start on my own tools :big: I put a nice electric lavendel smell dispenser in the living room...
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    Tacchella AU300 universal tool grinder

    Thanks Andrew and Holt. The colour is RAL7003, and it should be the original color for the machine. Your lathe is coming along nicely too, and with free tools :big: If I have time this weekend I will make some assesoires fit to the machine, I have a weldon end mill sharpening fixture and a...
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    Tacchella AU300 universal tool grinder

    Hi Vince, Thanks, it took quite a lot of sanding to get the machine as it is now. I will not use it for about 4 weeks, give the paint the rime to dry. I hope it will not damage too quick, i used an indutrial grade of paint. I guess its the same with a new car, the first scratches hurt the most...