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    Steam Engine Tractor

    Thanks for adding the video, great mechanical sound to it
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    Steam Engine Tractor

    Really a nice looking machine, do you have a video of it operating?
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    Beginner here, is this a good way to proceed

    You may want to mention, where you are, there may be members in your area who can help you get started. I have never purchased a new lathe, always used. It may not be the right path for you but my first lathe was a small AAA brand junker off of Craigslist. I spent a good bit of time working...
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    my father had a 4' piece of railroad iron under his workbench, it was on rollers right under the bench top and you could pull out as much as you needed to pound on and roll it back out of the way when not used. I have a small railroad iron anvil I bought years ago, it is shaped and fairly...
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    Nickel plating

    Current may be more important than voltage, try a small wall wart power supply or some resistance to control the lower the current
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    Used Computer Hard Drive Parts

    The discs are just the thing for building a boundary layer turbine, thank Tesla
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    My first boiler

    Wow, that is a good looking boiler, nice work
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    For Sale: German Hand Held Tachometer

    Really a work of art inside, lots of gears and rotating parts, all brass and shiny inside, has several selectable gear ratio for different RPM ranges. Includes original case which shows some wear but keeps the Tack protected. $75 + shipping from 23452
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    The small oscillation 4-cylinder steam engine

    That is really a nice looking engine
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    April Project of the Month

    Truely an inspirational pice of work, well deserved Bill. Randel
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    Rockwell lathe value

    don't know about value as in money but I had access to a rockwell for a couple of years and I would like to get my hands on another. the vairable speed function is really nice. Randel
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    I must have an Iron deficiency

    If I had the means, I would act on this one. some really cool early machining history here ready to go to the scrapper. Please save them if you can... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320676321211&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Randel
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    My Wooden Shed.

    thanks for posting th pic of the hacksaw, that is a really nice looking tool. I had never heard of them in kit form. Randel
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    Iron Piston Ring Surface Prep

    I have no idea how to test wall pressure on rings this size. outside of the bore they have about .030 gap. installed in the bore they have .002 gap. I assume that should be sufficient wall pressure. the rings were made 1.000.
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    Iron Piston Ring Surface Prep

    just came in from measuring: bore is 1.0030 at most a .0005 taper front to rear piston is .9975 ring to groove clearance is .0030 so... I guess a new piston is in order :)