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    Locomobile steam engine

    I will be watching this build with great interest. I have a real soft spot for steam cars, its such a great combination, cars + steam engines = perfect match. That seems to be a really nice chunk of CI you have there too.
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    1945 "Thompson" Air Cooled Finished !!!

    Thats a really nice looking engine. :bow: Thanks for taking the time to share these pics with us.
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    Jan Ridders Flame Eater with internal valve

    Really nice work, great finish quality, love that shine ;D Has that first engine smile faded yet?
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    Jan Ridders new Glass cylinder 4 stroke engine!

    *sigh* Another set of his plans i need to get ;D Wonderful looking work as always, great demontration model too.
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    New mill is on the way

    Great to see you got the mill and it all worked out OK. I know I am really enjoying working with mine, such a difference to the mini mill. I have been looking to fit a DRO so its really great to see your pictures of that too. I like the way you sorted out the Y axis tram too, simple and...
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    Self-Propelling Gear

    It seems everytime you post I get more amazed :o Another truly wonderful engine, and another one for the ever growing to-do list. I seem to learn by just reading your posts, I can only imagine what I would get out of actually getting round to building something.
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    First Project engine

    Great engine, Looks like she runs really well too. Have you stopped smiling yet?
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    Elmer Verburg Fancy II

    Really pretty engine, I like the column design. Really adds to the engine.
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    Scratch build of toy Steamroller

    What a great looking build, really different, not a model I have seen before. Must make sure my wife doesnt see this, she loves anything pink. ::)
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    ChrisB builds the EJS Wobbler

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. Chuck, the plans are by Erik-Jan Stroetinga, I got them from here not sure if there are posted there with permission though. The plans are in metric...
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    unwelcome visitors :(

    Pascal Really sorry to hear what has happened. I cannot even imagine what you are feeling right now. Forgetting where I left something is bad enough. Hope everything works out OK with insurance etc, and that the police find the little (too rude for words)...
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    ChrisB builds the EJS Wobbler

    Hi all, I was packing this engine tonight and took a couple of pictures and thought I would share with you all. This is a Christmas gift to my father, who is really the reason why I am an engineer in the first place. It is the EJS double acting wobbler, and is my second completed engine. It...
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    Simply, incredible. Hard to put it any other way really, such amazing work, and yes it is a great inspiration. Truly wonderful to see. One day, one day. I have to tell myself that or I may break down. ;)
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    Sharpening on a Sander/Linisher - Any experience?

    Have to admit I have been going through the same thought process myself. Limited space means every machine has to be as useful as possible. So it would be great to get a machine that will do more than one thing. A belt sander that could be used on the odd wood project and to 'grind' tooling...
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    AlphaVictory Engine Build

    A really beautiful engine and great success in getting it running too. Don't know how but I have missed this thread up to now. Really interesting build thread with some really great and inspiring tips for new people like me. Thanks for taking the time to share.