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    Relocating head on round column mill

    I am still trying to find it as early on I did have the round column bench top mill. From what I remembered in the article he removed all the pulleys from the top and made an aluminum plate that was able to attach I believe 1” to possibly 1”1/2 round bar. He also made another plate that...
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    Relocating head on round column mill

    Check the magazine Home Machinist there was an issue where a gentleman walks through the making of a device (with plans I believe)that will keep the head in alignment once moved on the round column import mills. From what I remember reading it kept very accurate and he also converted a drill to...
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    Keep Logged in

    I am having trouble too. I can get in the site through email I receive but I can’t get in through the App? It won’t recognize my password?
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    270 Offy

    Terry so glad to see you back at! You set the benchmark for all hobby machinist!
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Hey if anyone in the this thread signs up for Fusion 360 and is getting all of the functions with it for free as a hobbiest please let me know. I had it for free and was contacted by Fusion and was told it would only be free to students that had a registered class with an instructor. I paid...
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Letting everyone know Fusion 360 is no longer free to Hobbiest. It is only free to students and with a long list of criteria that must be met.
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    Sherline CNC Mini Cam Grinder

    Hey has this been sold?
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve They did and they are going to work out perfect! thanks for the deal! I’m about midway through the 9 cylinder but also working your V8 with blower
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    Total amateur, but learning!

    Bluejets What are you referring to when you mention “pills”. I haven’t started any casting processes yet but close. Thanks
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve thanks! Check your PayPal should be good
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve Address is: Mark Huddleston 3231 Brunk Drive Springfield, Illinois 62712 Invoice through PayPal at; Mark.huddleston@standardaero.com
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    Hodgson Radial parts FREE

    Steve I will take them. Let me know how much you need for shipping. Springfield, Illinois
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    Model Engine Builder magazines for sale

    Bill are your magazines still for sale?